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More engagement = More Clients + More Caregivers

Attracting new clients and hiring quality caregivers is key for home care and home healthcare agencies to stay healthy and grow.

Providentia’s proven digital marketing strategies and recruitment marketing strategies along with AidQuest’s human powered 24/7 live chat offers yet another way to help you get ahead.

A robust digital marketing solution aimed at engaging with potential clients and caregivers while using AidQuest, a leading live-chat provider for home care, will reduce response time and provide a better experience for your website visitors.

Drive applicants from your website and other digital assets to AidQuest’s HIPAA compliant live chat agents so clients and caregivers can get the information they need at the moment they need it!

Take your agency to new heights with more leads, more customers, more caregivers, and more revenue.

Together we can help you:

  • Attract more clients and hire more caregivers with a multi-channel strategy and a process for tracking ROI
  • Reduce response time by engaging prospects from your website immediately using AidQuest
  • Improve quality, speed, and agency reviews with satisfied caregivers and clients

These efficiencies can improve hiring quality, speed, and agency ratings with satisfied caregivers and clients.

More engagement = More Clients + More Caregivers

Visitors to your website spend an average of about 8 seconds before they leave. You might ask; why do they leave your site? Because they have too many other choices when they are doing their research. The key is to engage with them before they leave.

With the availability of a professional 24/7 live-chat solution, you are assured to generate more engagements which result in more client leads and more caregiver applications.

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