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Recruitment Marketing + Applicant Tracking

Sourcing quality, reliable applicants, and reducing time to hire caregivers is key for home care and home healthcare agencies to efficiently manage their operations and grow the business.

Providentia’s proven recruitment marketing strategies along with Hireology’s applicant tracking solution offer yet another way to help you get ahead.

A robust digital marketing solution aimed at recruiting caregivers while using Hireology, a leading applicant tracking system, will reduce friction in the sourcing and hiring process. Drive applicants from your website and other digital assets to Hireology so caregivers can complete their application and onboarding process.

The collaboration to help home care agencies attract, recruit and hire caregivers.

Together we can help you:

  • Attract and hire more candidates with a multi-channel strategy and a process for tracking ROI
  • Reduce friction by transferring prospective applicants (leads) from your website to Hireology
  • Improve hiring quality, velocity, and agency ratings with satisfied caregivers and clients

These efficiencies can improve hiring quality, velocity, and agency ratings with satisfied caregivers and clients.

Source, Select, Verify & Hire Your Best Team

Define the hiring steps that are right for your agency and centrally manage the entire hiring process. Using Hireology and Providentia together helps source applicants, reduce the time to hire quality caregivers, and manage your pipeline with fewer errors.

As your recruitment marketing progresses, increased traffic to your website means more conversions in Hireology. This partnership makes it easy to track applicants at every stage of the hiring process!

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Thousands of Healthcare Organizations
in Different Care Settings Rely on Hireology

Home Health Care

The home health care industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors as more patients recognize the benefits of at-home care. Leverage Hireology to attract and hire for your most in-demand roles including RNs, PTs and Administrators.

Home Care

Faced with constantly changing legal requirements and a challenging labor landscape, home care agencies rely on Hireology to hire and onboard Caregivers and Aides. Direct integrations with partners – including ClearCare, AlayaCare, AxisCare and MatrixCare – keep your process moving so you can concentrate on patient care.

Long-Term Care

Drive hiring process efficiency for clinical and non-clinical roles with Hireology – move candidates quickly through the hiring process and gather necessary documentation digitally, all from one place. Drive patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes at your facility.

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

SNFs of all sizes are finding it harder and harder to attract qualified full-time employees and retain them over time. Engage candidates, run an efficient hiring process and onboard new hires with Hireology.

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