Philanthropy and business enjoy a long relationship that goes back to the days of the Industrial Revolution. Many of the world’s great hospitals and universities started thanks to charitable donations by some of business’s most notable titans. When it comes to home health marketing, industry leaders would be wise to take a page from their playbook.

It’s unlikely that a regional home care agency is positioned to donate large sums of money. However, most can afford smaller investments or time commitments that benefit their communities. Strategic philanthropy is both a moral imperative and good for business.

Here are some realistic options:

Alzheimer’s Awareness, Support & Research Funding

It only makes sense for senior care businesses to focus on charitable causes that directly affect clients and their loved-ones. Most home health marketers know that Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are some of the most common afflictions for older adults. Furthermore, managing these conditions is mentally, physically and financially draining on family members.

Home care agencies can find ways to support Alzheimer’s/dementia patients and families on multiple levels. They can sponsor workshops and training seminars that address the daily challenges of caregivers. Or, they can enlist the help of experts and schedule in-service presentations for hospitals and other care providers.

Another option is to form partnerships with senior day care centers that provide home care agency clients with discounted service to help offset the family’s financial costs of care. Finally, an Alzheimer’s/Dementia fund can be created in which the home care company donates a portion of client proceeds to Alzheimer’s research.

Senior Poverty

The sad reality of senior poverty is often forgotten in home health marketing for an obvious reason – seniors without financial resources simply aren’t consumers of costly, out-of-pocket home care. However, it’s still a mistake to ignore this major challenge among a large swath of older adults.

Home care agencies that develop philanthropic programs for under-privileged seniors contribute to a great cause that really makes a difference in lives. Furthermore, they engender good will among referral sources. Many hospitals and facilities desperately seek to help their patients of all socio-economic status.

Toy Drives

Toy drives are typically for the benefit of children. However, they are often important causes for people who work in the healthcare industry. Home health marketing that promotes toy drives usually elicits a strong response and finds a receptive audience.

Home care representatives can get several “touches” with referral sources. These range from promoting the cause and delivering of boxes to toy collection at the end. Additionally, results and pictures can be shown afterward that highlight how much good was achieved through the efforts.

All of these benefits in terms of marketing and reputation are not merely selfish. The toy drives do change lives and bring joy to the lives of children. They’re truly win-win scenarios that are easy to execute and affordable.

Veterans Causes

Veterans appreciate acknowledgment of their efforts, but sadly they are often in need of healthcare and financial resources. Their ages range from young people to those who grew up during the Great Depression. So, home care agencies can contribute in ways that target a specific population or help across the board.

Efforts can be both charitable and focused on home health marketing. Companies may consider providing special pricing to veterans. They can also consider establishing grants specifically for the care of veterans deemed to have the greatest needs.

Agency representatives will be able to appropriately broadcast their charity by asking community referral sources for recommendations on needy veteran grant candidates. Also, companies that decide to discount rates for veterans across the board should share the information with prospective referral sources.

Senior Community Center Funding

Financing a building project or sponsoring a new program won’t guarantee instant referrals or immediate ROI from a business perspective. However, realistic support of community resources for seniors generates good will and ultimately leads to word-of-mouth referrals. Home care agencies should be sure to make small, targeted contributions that really make a difference.

Companies can engage in subtle home health marketing by volunteering staff time at a senior community center. Perhaps an agency employee can dedicate a few hours per month to lead classes or activities. In exchange, the representative can request to leave company materials and brochures as resources.

Final Thoughts

In the end, charitable causes sync with home health marketing efforts on many levels. Company leaders who only focus on immediate, verifiable ROI may not see the merit of philanthropic investment. However, the strategy is long term and must be viewed through the lens of fostering good will in the community.

Agencies that do see the big picture will not only improve the lives of others but will also be rewarded with more businesses. Many established companies can attest to the fact that it’s a win-win proposition when executed properly.

If your company is seeking home health marketing solutions, be sure to consult with a home care-focused marketing agency today!

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