Stop wasting money on paid leads!

3 simple steps to convert more leads, into high paying home care clients

Does this sound familiar?

You pay $40, $50, $80 for a home care lead but when you call them they don’t answer the phone. 😕

Or they do answer the phone but they already went with another home care provider? 😡

It leaves you feeling frustrated. What a waste of time and money!

Why does this happen?

It happens because you missed 1 simple thing!

Not doing this 1 simple thing is costing you thousands and thousands of dollars.

What is the secret to landing more clients from your paid leads?

Speed! Speed is the single most important factor in lead conversion.

Every second counts. A study of several million internet-generated leads revealed an amazing thing.

Leads called in under 60 seconds show a 391% improvement over average conversion rates.

But, according to recent research, most home care agencies never follow up at all!

Leads called between 60 and 120 seconds after they’re generated convert 160% more than average.

But you’re thinking hang on… A 60-second response time isn’t even possible.

Yes it is! 

CareFunnels will make speedy, personalized follow-up the rule, not the exception.

Click the button below and find out how you can be the first to respond, EVERY time, and close more leads!


Have you ever wondered how, AgingCare, or Google Ads for Home Care, are so successful?

You hear from people in the home care industry, and online reviews, that these services are amazing and helped grow their businesses?

You got super excited, felt like you were missing out, and decided to give them a shot?

And after spending a few thousand dollars, and some of your precious time, you were left without any new clients and a hole in your wallet?

The problem is you missed a simple, yet absolutely critical step in the process.

But that is good news!

Why is that good news?

That’s exactly what this training will teach you how to do…

…you will learn the steps and the process to turn those dollars and leads into MORE dollars and MORE CLIENTS.

It’s all about using a simple system to respond fast, take automatic personalized action, and track your results.

We’ll walk you through our exact 3 step process for creating a high impact, engaging, and high converting “response-to-lead” system.

We’ll be covering how to develop your automated scripts, edit your communication the right way, pick the right tone and timing to evoke responses, add special touches to make you stand out from the competition, find and add the best follow-up sequences and nurture campaigns, add voice mail drops, text messages, emails, reminders, reactivation campaigns and a lot more.

We’re even giving you 7+ response examples you can model after for inspiration. AND, a bunch of bonus video trainings that go even deeper into the psychology of high converting response campaigns.

You’ll learn to create an amazing, high converting lead response system to MAXIMIZE return on your lead gen dollars.

  • 10+ Video Lessons:
    2 hours of trainings teaching you how to create your automated response system. And the list is growing…

  • 10+ Sample Response Actions:
    Actual high converting scripts and actions we’ve created for some of the most successful home care agencies in the world.

  • 5 Bonus Trainings:
    THE sales script everyone that answers your phone should have at the ready. EXTREMELY POPULAR BONUS ➡️ How to use the same system for recruiting caregivers. Including response scripts and automation steps.
  • Downloads:
    PDF cheatsheets, resources, tools, action items, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this program even worth my time if HCMP is doing it for $10? Seems like it would be a “too good to be true” situation if they’re willing to let it go for $10, right? HCMP intends to sell this special program in 2024 for anywhere between $197 and $297/month, so $10 is more than appreciated. We are doing this $10 deal to get some top performers in, gather social proof, feedback, and work out the kinks before launching it officially next year.

2. If I pay $10, will it actually charge me only $10? Yes, and there’s no recurring costs after that. It’s $10 – ONE TIME. And if you want to pay more for some of the other bonuses, it will only charge you one time.

3. How do I know these guys at HCMP (Brady and Jason) are qualified to teach me this? Brady has worked with some of the largest brands and sales organizations in the world. He has been selling professionally since 2008, and has consulted with some of the most successful businesses in the US over the past 15 years. Jason has worked as a leading digital marketer and marketing automation expert for 14 years. He has helped countless business owners like you scale their revenue (and profit margins). Jason helps small business teams create efficiencies and grow revenue without growing headcount.

4. What happens when I complete the form on this page? Will I be charged? When you fill out the form on this page we will send you an email with next steps on how to pay and access the training. There is no credit card needed to fill out the form on this page.