Leveraging Video for Recruiting Caregivers: Video Marketing is Your Secret Weapon

Video has some serious power when it comes to increasing applications and enhancing the hiring process. Learn how in the first installment of our 4 part series on videos!

A solid and well-directed video marketing strategy can make a massive impact in your caregiver recruitment.

Video marketing is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your employer brand, a secret weapon for caregiver recruiting.

We’ve entered a new era of employer reputation. As the workforce increasingly weighs company culture and reputation against things like pay, benefits, and flexibility, employers can no longer ignore employer branding. Caregiver agencies should invest the same thought, the same energy in their candidate-facing brands that they do in their customer-facing brands.

As you plan your employer branding and agency growth strategy for 2022, don’t neglect video, which can increase the number of applicants, polish the hiring process, expand your reach, and boost your brand reputation.

Increase the number of applications and grow your talent pool

Data bodes well for video recruiting. According to CareerBuilder, job postings that include video receive a 34% greater application rate.

Video will also expand your job seeker reach. Job postings that include a video icon are viewed 12% more than those without, and on LinkedIn, video is shared 20 times more than any other content format on the platform.

Polish and enhance the hiring process

Most candidate experiences are bad, or mediocre at best. According to the Human Capital Institute, 60% of job seekers say they’ve had a negative candidate experience with an employer; and a bad experience can affect your reputation: 72% of job seekers say they talk about those negative experiences online.

Video can help change that.

Job seekers in 2022 will have little patience for a long, disorganized, and unpolished hiring process—a process that often begins with a job posting. Seventy-five percent of job seekers say the look and feel of a job posting influences their decision to apply, and a thoughtful, professional video can contribute to making a positive first impression. Seeing a welcoming face—a hiring manager, a potential coworker, a company leader—early in the application process can humanize your agency and engage caregivers sooner.

Make it faster too

Time to hire matters. With caregivers in high demand, agencies will have to streamline and speed up the hiring process. And your competitors are already thinking this way: 23% of recruitment professionals say reducing time to hire is a priority. So by the time you get around to making an offer, another caregiver agency may have scooped up your top candidates.

Video can be used to recruit caregivers faster by conveying more information, more quickly, in one place. Explain the role, answer FAQs, pitch your company and the role, and introduce potential caregivers to future coworkers.

Take it to the next level with video screening and applications, which can help you vet candidates faster. This work can be done asynchronously too, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling calls with candidates right away.

Make a memorable impression

Most candidates never see or speak to a recruiter or hiring manager until late in the interview process, and job seekers are looking for a personal experience. Introducing video early in your recruiting funnel can humanize the experience and engage caregivers in a way your competitors aren’t.

Video can put a face to your agency’s name, introduce candidates to your team, and help job seekers visualize the impact they can have by joining your team. Create a welcome video from the owner, a current caregiver, or a recruiter to connect with the candidate and make the experience more welcoming. This is also a way to more strongly convey your company values and mission—two attributes job seekers are paying close attention to.

Go where your candidates are with a good video marketing strategy

One of the best features of video is its versatility. Video assets can be repurposed across all channels: Social media, job boards, your own careers page, as well as in ads. You can slice them, dice them, and splice them to form new, timely messages.

With some strategic planning, you can build a video library for all eventualities that allows you to launch new, tailored campaigns quickly and efficiently during hiring surges or general brand awareness pushes.

Need help with your video marketing and recruiting strategy?

Vidoe marketing and caregiver recruiting can take a lot of resources, effort, and knowledge. Let Home Care Marketing Pros ease the burden with our professional digital marketing experts. Get started today!

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