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Capture and communicate with leads instantly to win more clients on auto-pilot.

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Does this sound familiar?

You pay $40, $50, $80 for a home care lead but when you call them they don’t answer the phone. 😕

Or they do answer the phone but they already went with another home care provider? 😡

It leaves you feeling frustrated. What a waste of time and money!

Why does this happen?

It happens because you missed 1 simple thing!

Not doing this 1 simple thing is costing you thousands and thousands of dollars.

What is the secret to landing more clients from your paid leads?

Speed! Speed is the single most important factor in lead conversion.

Every second counts. A study of several million internet-generated leads revealed an amazing thing.

Leads called in under 60 seconds show a 391% improvement over average conversion rates.

But, according to recent research, most home care agencies never follow up at all!

Leads called between 60 and 120 seconds after they’re generated convert 160% more than average.

But you’re thinking hang on… A 60-second response time isn’t even possible.

Yes it is!

CareFunnels will make speedy, personalized follow-up the rule, not the exception.

Click the button below and find out how you can be the first to respond, EVERY time, and close more leads!

When your CareFunnels account is synced to, your new leads will receive instant, personalized communication.

Which means you will win more clients, and lower your cost per client! is the leading online destination for seniors and their families.

  • 76% of registered users are female.
  • 76% are between the ages of 40 and 69.
  • 66% have a college education.
  • 66% use to research their own challenges as a family caregiver in addition to those of their senior loved ones.

Top conditions among caregivers: arthritis, chronic pain, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

CareFunnels exists to help home care agencies succeed online, so they can focus on what matters most: their clients and caregivers. Today, home care agencies are powered by CareFunnels, helping to facilitate thousands of customer and caregiver interactions. From customer-generated reviews, to more seamless communication offerings, CareFunnels is modernizing the way senior care businesses operate and grow their revenue. CareFunnels is owned and operated by Providentia Marketing LLC (d/b/a Home Care Marketing Pros), based in Bradenton, Florida, and was founded in 2016. Their services include Marketing In A Box, the complete digital marketing solution for Home Care agencies, and CareFunnels.

Your dedicated Account Manager will guide you through the setup process. Please contact us to learn more.

It depends on which plan you are on. There is either a small setup fee and monthly fee or this integration is included in your current plan. Please contact us to find out. 😊