First, our recruitment marketing consultants will chat with you about your recruiting goals, focusing on the types of people you need, the volume of candidates you require, and any information you currently have about the performance of your job ads.

In the first month of service, we run your ad spend through Clickcast – the software we use to manage your ad spend. During this initial benchmarking month, your team still receives applications while we are analyzing the data to determine what improvements and optimizations need to be made.

And then the fun starts!

In month two, we start to set rules. These rules govern when, where, and how your advertising dollars get invested. The software can:

  • Set budgets and bid amounts based on your recruitment strategy (priority, geography, etc.)
  • Cap spending when a certain number of applications are received or spend limit is reached.
  • Transition spending to jobs that require more investment.
  • Allow you to A/B test job titles to see which titles perform best.
  • Create geographic expansion for jobs, so your jobs show up for more job seekers.
  • Test different job sites to see which perform best for you.
  • The programmatic technology automates the management of your advertising spend to get more candidates applying to more of your jobs without having to spend more on advertising.

As your advertising partner, our job is to constantly determine where and how to post your jobs at the lowest possible cost for the quality and quantity of talent you need.