Using Moz’s research, we can calculate the ROI. Here’s the formula you can use.

Y = X / (100 – X)

Y = How many more customers you could have had (as a percentage)

X = Average percent of lost customers for businesses like yours

Where are we going to get X? From the data provided by Moz! If you have one negative result, X would be 21.9 percent. If it’s two, 44.1 percent and so on.

Let’s also say there are four negative results listed in Google. Our formula would look like this:

Y = 69.9 / (100 – 69.9)

Which means Y = 2.32 or 232% more business!

This of course also translates to less money spent on advertising and recruiting. A company with a good reputation has a better word of mouth traction, and therefore a lower per customer or caregiver acquisition cost.