1. To get access to the software. If you wanted to license the software we use on your own, it would require a minimum monthly spend of at least $20,000. When you work with Haley Marketing, the minimum ad spend is only $2,000, and that will give you access to all the features of the programmatic job advertising management software.*
  2. It’s not just about software; optimizing ad spend also requires experience, and our team has a lot of it. We manage more than $2M a year in ad spend for our clients, and when you work with us, you’re getting the benefit of our experience…and that can save you a lot of money!
  3. We make it easy to centralize your ad spend. In many staffing companies, ad spend is distributed across all branch offices, with each office making its own decisions. This tends to lead to a lot of inefficiencies…and wasted dollars.
    As your job spend management partner, we become a central point of contact to help all your branches access the candidates they need to fill their open orders.

* Our software partner is Appcast, and they sometimes do make exceptions to the $20K minimum, so if you want to try to run Clickcast on your own, reach out to them to ask!