What Does ChatGPT & Artificial Intelligence Mean for Your Home Care Agency’s Digital Marketing?

How the most sophisticated generative AI could make your job easier 

ChatGPT and artificial intelligence is likely the future of home care marketing.

What can’t ChatGPT do? This mega-popular new tool for answering questions and generating original content has promising applications across just about every industry, home care included. As incredible as it is, ChatGPT can’t replace the human touch, but it can give your home health agency’s marketing and recruiting efforts an AI-powered boost.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that uses natural-language processing (NLP) to interact with users. It’s basically an ultra-sophisticated chatbot that can answer questions, generate ideas, and even (controversially) write papers.

CNET describes its capabilities like this: “You can ask it encyclopedia questions like, ‘Explain Newton’s laws of motion.’ You can tell it, ‘Write me a poem,’ and when it does, say, ‘Now make it more exciting.’ You ask it to write a computer program that’ll show you all the different ways you can arrange the letters of a word.”

6 ways ChatGPT and AI will affect your home care agency

The home care field will feel the waves from ChatGPT’s explosive arrival, almost all of them good, when used wisely.

1. The future of SEO

There are many exciting applications for SEO. Your home care marketing team can use it to:

  • Write optimized meta descriptions
  • Build article outlines
  • Generate blog post and landing page ideas
  • Research industry trends
  • Find errors in website code that are hindering SEO efforts

A word of warning: ChatGPT is capable of writing entire blog posts about nearly anything, but that doesn’t mean it can (or should) replace human-created content for your site.

One problem is that longer pieces of writing generated by ChatGPT still read like they’ve been written by a computer, not by a human. Plus, the tool is still capable of making factual errors. Not only does this make for a bad user experience, it can seriously hurt your search rankings: Google has made it clear that it considers this kind of content to be spam. In fact, Search Engine Journal reports that Google categorizes ChatGPT-authored content as auto-generated, and therefore worthy of a manual penalty—something you definitely do not want.

2. The future of advertising

If you’re really eager to outsource some of your writing to the chatbot, short-form copy is a better way to go. Home care marketers can use it to write ad copy (especially if you want to A/B test ad messaging) or generate campaign ideas.

Still, everything generated by the tool should be subject to human scrutiny. Before you fire up your automated ad campaigns, have a person take a look at the copy, edit it, and make it better for human consumption.

Consider ChatGPT a tool of inspiration rather than a tool of creation.

3. The future of customer experience

There are some forms of interactive AI already available for marketers (and recruiters). Chatbots and automated text messaging tools can be used for off-the-clock customer service, triaging client requests, or rote tasks like scheduling and addressing FAQs.

Developers are already talking about the possibilities of enriching those tools using the ChatGPT technology, like the ability to answer more complicated questions and solve more complex problems.

4. The future of HR automation

Another promising application of ChatGPT for your home care agency is handling the repetitive tasks HR normally carries out, like writing job descriptions, generating cold-contact emails, reaching out to prospective candidates, answering candidate FAQs, and myriad other people analytics tasks.

Some HR experts are even suggesting it might be used to help mentor young professionals.

ChatGPT can’t take the place of the relationships that undergird the human resources function, but it may help your people operations department run more efficiently.

5. The future of job applications

If HR is using ChatGPT, you can guess that job seekers are too. And why not? Who doesn’t hate the tedium of writing a resume and tweaking it for each application?

In the future, caregivers may be using ChatGPT and similar tools to write their resumes. As long as the information included in the resume is true, your agency recruiters don’t have much to worry about.

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