There are many different aspects of a successful home care business. From actual in-person care to recruiting and retaining caregivers, there are countless things to consider. However, there is an often-overlooked home health marketing tool that companies can use to help increase their brand’s awareness and obtain new clients, all while doing some good for local residents. That tool is community education.

Educating community members helps not only the home care business but also the local population attending the event. Many times, these education workshops or webinars are free to attend for community members and cost little-or-nothing for the home care company to host. Truly, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Providing Valuable Education

One of the central pillars of holistic health care is providing education to clients that makes it easy for them to understand their diagnoses, treatment options, and the workings of the healthcare industry. Home care businesses can address any of these things in a community education workshop. Thus, there is a nearly limitless bank of potential topics to choose from when it’s time to host an event.

However, as home care companies typically specialize in certain areas, it may be best to stick to those when providing community education. Even so, there are still plenty of topics to choose from.

One event may focus on explaining what home care is in general. This could mean breaking down the differences between home care and home health care, what insurance might cover, and when it’s the right time to seek out home care services. Meanwhile, it can also highlight a few of the standout services that your business offers.

Another popular workshop topic is aging and senior care. With the population growing older every year, this is an important topic that will be useful for community members.

Regardless of what the topics are, every home care business should come up with a list of community education they can offer. By creating a diverse list of subjects, your business will have more opportunities to present its material. Whether it’s at a conference, a community center, office, or an online webinar, education events provide a chance for the general public to get a better understanding of what home care is and why it’s so important.

Spreading Brand Awareness

One of the things that makes community education such a valuable home health marketing tool is the ability to spread brand awareness. Often, home care companies aren’t mega-corporations that offer services across a state or several states. On the contrary, most of these businesses focus on building a client list within a relatively small radius.

So, by getting out into the local community to provide education, home care businesses can get their brand in front of their target audience. As mentioned, providing such services rarely costs much. It is far cheaper than the amount of paid marketing that would be necessary to achieve the same level of brand awareness.

To help maximize the opportunity, home care companies should make sure they are fully prepared for community outreach events. This means scheduling enough employees to give a talk or be available to answer questions. It also means there should be plenty of marketing materials on hand. Every piece of marketing material present should include your company’s logo and contact information. At the very least, it should feature your website address and phone number.

Polishing Community Image

Community outreach events are great for educating people and increasing brand awareness. However, they also help sharpen the image of your business as a whole.

Seeing a home care business hosting a helpful, informative event drives potential clients to automatically trust it more than a competitor. This alone is more valuable than any other single lead that may be generated and will likely provide the highest-value return.

With that being said, it is important to ensure that the image of your home care business is a great one. It may be the first impression of many community attendees. Presenters should dress in official uniforms, use company branding whenever possible, and employees should be prepared to answer any questions that arise.

A Powerful Tool

Community education, though it may not seem helpful to the home care business on the surface, is an extremely powerful tool. Its importance cannot be understated. With little upfront cost and plenty of opportunities available, every home care company should work on implementing this marketing tactic into its strategy.

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