How to Grow Your Home Care Agency’s Digital Marketing Reach

Digital marketing for home care is all the rage, are you using it to its fullest capacity? Here are some tips that will help you get higher quality, and denser audience reaches.

How can you make sure your digital marketing strategy is reaching as many home care clients as possible?

When you think of digital marketing, what comes to mind? There’s your website, SEO, content marketing, how you present your brand, and social media. All of these come together to form your online marketing efforts. 

If you’re seeing a couple of likes and limited engagement in your home care digital marketing strategy, here are some tips to boost your reach. 

1. Know your audience. 

It can be difficult to reach individuals and sell a service on top of it if you don’t know who they are. Take note when you are completing assessments, talking on the phone with a client’s contact, etc… of who you are talking to. Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Who are they? 
  • What are their problems? 
  • What does their day-to-day look like? 
  • Who do they like and know? 

You don’t need to know everything about your audience, however, you need to know enough to persuade them to make a decision. Help guide them toward the end result they are looking for, whether it’s quality care for a loved one, desperately needed respite care, or a watchful eye on someone that lives far away from them. 

2. Use an ad audience that is wide enough but specific enough for your target audience.

When you are making ad creative and coming up with captions that entice your audience, if your audience isn’t being reached by your ad, it defeats the entire process. This is important for the success of your home care agency’s digital marketing campaigns: the outcome. The same way it is for your clients, they’re looking for outcomes. 

Facebook, for example, has a lot of options in terms of how you can pick and choose targets based on your target audience persona. For example, if your target audience for client recruitment is the adult child of a Baby Boomer, then you can use Facebook ad targeting to select the “Millenials” generation. 

On another hand, if you’re doing a recruitment campaign centered around scheduling flexibility for parents, make sure to select “all parents” in the parents’ category. 

There are so many different categories to choose from when creating your audience, here are some additional categories: 

  • Businesses and Industries: Select the industries that your target audience works in
  • Location: Target cities in your agency’s territory that are dense with older adults and other individuals who could benefit from your services
  • Job Role: Maybe you know exactly what jobs your target audience works in

You don’t have to use every category available but you can maximize your reach if you know your audience. Without using these categories, it might seem like you can get a wider reach without parameters to stifle your engagement, however, you want quality, high-intent customers to engage with your content. That’s more valuable than mass amounts of content that doesn’t stop the scroll for a wider audience. 

Take some time to experiment with a variety of different audiences, but don’t try to target too many at one time. Stay organized by labeling and saving the audiences that get the desired amount of reach, and spend some time tweaking them. 

3. Website visitors are a good thing, try remarketing them!

Once someone has looked at your website, that doesn’t necessarily mean buying intent, however, it can’t hurt to try. Remarketing is a fancy way of saying that you’re showing ad content to people who have visited your website, through an email list, list of phone numbers, or through an existing list of Facebook users that you seek out. 

Home care is a service that can often be needed through a crisis. Prospects and their families may not have time to call, search around, and ask questions before making a decision. With your home care agency’s digital marketing techniques, you can make sure that your ads and content come up first. 

Some places to try remarketing include:

You may have heard of retargeting, however, there is a difference. Retargeting is when you are targeting clients or caregivers who have worked with you in the past. They’re a helpful tool to reengage your audiences and promote word-of-mouth referrals as well. 

Your home care audience is a click away, use digital marketing to reach them. 

Digital marketing in home care doesn’t have to be a mystery or a secret. Use these tips and tricks to guide your next client and caregiver recruitment campaigns to grow your agency. 

The demand for care has never been greater. You can ensure that those who call your agency are in your service area looking for the best quality caregivers that you can find. 

Social media can be a tricky beast to tackle. There are many shortcuts, tutorials, and platforms that make it easy to grow your home care business organically. 

If digital marketing for your home care agency isn’t your strong suit, we’re here to help. 

Whether your agency just opened or you’ve been open for a while and want a refreshed marketing playbook, schedule a 30-minute meeting here. One of our home care marketing experts will walk you through what works, what doesn’t, and come up with a custom care plan for your agency’s path to growing your digital reach. 

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