Is Your Home Care Agency on Apple Business Connect? It Should Be!

A quick and easy way to get more exposure for your home care website 

Using Apple Business Connect for your home care agency can help a number of iPhone users find your agency easier.

It’s such a simple thing: Ensuring potential clients have easy access to accurate information about your home care agency. But oh-so important: When consumers go looking for home care services, a broken link, a wrong phone number, or incorrect office hours can result in a missed connection and a lost client.

To put good information about your agency in front of Apple users (who constitute about 55% of the smartphone market), you need to claim and customize your agency’s Apple Business Connect profile.

What is Apple Business Connect?

Apple Business Connect is a short profile that gives Apple OS and iOS users a quick look at your business. You may know it in its old form: Apple Maps Connect. This tool lets owners customize the information that appears about their business across Apple apps.

Information about your agency may appear on apps including Maps, Messages, and even Siri. For example, when someone asks Siri to show them autism caregivers in my area, your agency could be one of the results it returns. You may notice that this is similar to a Google Business Profile, which populates your business info across Google’s apps and properties.

With Business Connect, you can add these features to your profile:

  • Your home care agency’s name
  • Location
  • Your home care website
  • Phone number
  • Office hours
  • Customer ratings and reviews (via Yelp)
  • Images
  • A chat feature
  • A scheduling feature you can use to book calls and appointments with prospective clients (and prospective caregivers)

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you’ve almost certainly encountered one of these profiles. Maybe you’re out and about and decide it’s time for a cup of coffee, so you open up the Maps app on your iPhone and type “coffee” in the search field. The results are a list of Business Connect profiles, or Place Cards. Tap on one of them to reveal the full details.

Who needs Apple Business Connect?

All business owners would be wise to claim and customize their Business Connect profiles. This is an easy (and free) way to ensure users have access to accurate and up-to-date information on your home care agency and its services.

Updating your Business Connect profile takes about 10 minutes, and you can get started here:

Why Apple Business Connect is good for your home care agency

Consider this a part of your SEO strategy. Maybe it’s not Google or Bing, but it is a means of optimizing search results that might feature your business, and a completed profile promotes easy engagement with your agency.

  • Let users contact your agency via phone or send them directly to your home care site with a single tap.
  • When iMessage users share a link to your business, the link appears as an info card with a title and photo (or map location), not just a text link.

  • Stand out by adding images to your Connect profile, so your Place Card is more eye-catching than the competition in a list of results.
  • Encourage clients to review your home care agency on Yelp so your star rating—and customer feedback—shows up in your profile.
  • Use the Showcases feature to promote care options, new services, discounts, and even agency accolades.
  • Apple Business Connect even offers a live chat feature so you can connect with potential clients in real time to answer questions and schedule appointments and consultations.
  • When someone asks Siri, show me home care agencies near me, you want your agency to show up—polished and professional—in the results. Like this:

Polished Apple Business Connect profiles appearing as Siri results.

Apple’s tool will also feed you information about how users found your business profile—what terms they searched, which profile features they tapped on, so you can learn more about your target demographics and feed your learnings back into your overall marketing strategy.

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