Picture an employee of a home care business. Chances are, the person who comes to mind is probably wearing scrubs or sporting a stethoscope around their neck. While in-home health and nursing care providers are crucial to the home care industry, there is an often-overlooked position that helps tie the pieces together from a customer satisfaction standpoint: the home care receptionist.

A good (or bad) receptionist can make the difference between winning a new client or losing them to the competition. If a stellar individual sits behind the desk, he or she has the power to make the entire operation run smoothly. On the contrary, an unfriendly person or someone who does not do their job well can cause major setbacks.

The receptionist of your home care business serves as the front line of customer satisfaction. High-quality care won’t matter if a customer is turned away by a rude representative on the phone. Competitive pricing won’t grow your client base if the person answering phone doesn’t know how to communicate a great deal. Since the role of the receptionist is so important, home care businesses should not overlook it. Instead, time and effort should be spent to ensure that a person receives proper training, knows how to deliver a fantastic first impression, and offers excellent communication between customers and your business.

An Attractive Position

Hiring caregivers for your home care business can be stressful and overwhelming, and never ending. With a worker shortage nationwide and difficulty recruiting top-notch caregivers and home care professionals, home care companies face an uphill climb at times. Fortunately, receptionist work in the home healthcare space is an attractive opportunity.

Home care companies can use this to their advantage when hiring a receptionist or a team of them. By marketing the position properly, you get an easy leg up on the competition. Pairing this with higher than average wages or a great benefits package means your home care business can work with the best talent on the market.

You Need A Lasting First Impression

As mentioned, a receptionist is the first interaction most customers or potential customers will have with your business. This means they must deliver a great first impression. This sums up the primary role of a receptionist in the home care industry.

Receptionists should be trained on how to set an enthusiastic, energizing tone that is contagious among your team, and the current and potential clients. Some companies use certain phrases or scripts when answering telephones to ensure continuity.

Receptionists should always be on the lookout for ways to leave a lasting first impression. After all, your home care marketing efforts can only get people in the door or on the phone. It is the job of your staff to convert them into paying clients.

Training & Understanding

Unlike physicians, nurses, and therapists employed by your home care business, receptionists may not have an extensive educational background. While some may have a college degree or some college, many do not. Therefore, on the job training is a crucial thing for home care business receptionists.

This training can be done by current staff in the same position or by sending your employee to outside conferences or seminars. Regardless, it is essential you set the tone and expectations that your specific company has for them.

Receptionists should understand the importance of their role and then reflect that daily in the workplace. They should understand that they set a tone for the entire business and that it is their responsibility to make it a positive one.

By making sure your home care receptionists have the right training and understanding of their role, it can help your entire business run smoother.

How Home Care Marketing Pros Can Help You Find The Perfect Receptionist

We understand how confusing the tasks of home care marketing and home health marketing can be. Adding the hiring process on top of it can be difficult for home care businesses that are already stretched thin. We offer a full suite of home care marketing and home health marketing services that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your business.

When it’s time to hire caregivers, Home Care Marketing Pros will be there for you every step of the way. An easy job posting and editing tool will drive qualified candidates to your website. We even offer the ability to sync your open job postings to new or existing social media channels to help get more eyes on them.

To keep pace with today’s technology, our software helps candidates easily apply for your open roles on a mobile-optimized interface. We’ll match the look and feel of your company’s website and provide all the tools you need. You’ll be finding the perfect receptionist in no time!

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