What The Best Home Care Websites Do Differently

All home care agency websites are not created equal. Learn about the features that your website needs in order to snag a referral over your neighbors and to attract caregivers like never before.

Following these tips for home care websites can net you more clients and caregivers.

Websites are an important part of your home care business, this is the central hub of where your prospective clients and caregivers will learn more about you. Your website is a place to convey the basics about home care, but more importantly, a space for you to convey why and how you’re different than everyone else.

According to IBIS World, there are approximately 429,045 home care providers in the country. That means a lot of home care websites are saying the same thing, but what you need to change is by listening to poet, Emily Dickenson, and “tell all the truth, but tell it slant.” Be different and your website is a great opportunity to exercise that.

SEO techniques that are created with human readers in mind.

SEO (search engine optimization) is an important way for your home care website to remain visible to searchers in your area, however, the way that most SEO content is written is for Google first and readers after.

The key to a successful SEO strategy is to write for people first, and then to plug in SEO keywords when you can if it flows with the existing text.

For example, let’s use Boston:

You might see “Boston home care” as a top-ranking SEO keyword for your territory. In a user’s mind that might convey that this is the home care agency’s name, by writing “home care in Boston” instead, this flows like natural language and is easily understood by a prospect or their family who might be browsing. Try these strategies for your home care agency’s website.

Their home care websites are accessible to the hearing and visually impaired.

The typical persona you may have written your website for might be the eldest daughter of an aging parent, while that may be true for some, many older adults are using technology and are searching for services on their own.

You can make your website more accessible by using an accessibility plug-in or widget that is built for your website host. Here are some of the features found in an accessible home care website:

  • Large font
  • Use of alternative or alt text in images (unless they are decorative)
  • Color contrast and grey-scale options

One plug-in that could be particularly useful to home care agencies is WP ADA Compliance Check Basic, it’ll let you know if your website checks the boxes as defined by the American Disabilities Act.

In addition, you can also create descriptions for any video and audio to ensure that those who can’t hear the media being played that everyone can still understand it. Use captions when possible.

Ask your clients if there’s anything that they would suggest for your website as well, maybe they would’ve liked to use a chat feature to get basic information before calling, or maybe they wanted to know if you worked with Medicaid. Learn about how you can make your website more accessible from every angle.

By making your website accessible, your home care agency will be more appealing and available to a larger audience, which can increase your inquiry calls and in turn, recruit more caregivers as well.

Their home care websites are seamless across multiple platforms.

Most caregivers are searching for jobs on their mobile devices, and many prospective home care clients are looking for services online as well. Make sure that your website experience is just as enjoyable whether someone is using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Take a look at your website on your smartphone and see how everything looks, from the page load times, to how the graphics and text line up. Does everything look good?

Repeat this process on a variety of devices and browsers, including Duck Duck Go, Bing, and Safari, and make sure everything looks okay. Each browser displays code differently, which can make certain elements and visuals appear differently too.

Your website is a weapon, use it to your advantage.

The power of your website and your home care agency lies within your agency story. This story extends beyond what you say; it bleeds into your website and every conversation that someone has about your company.

There are probably several companies in your area that offer the same services, use your website as a mechanism to differentiate yourself from the others. What can you do differently and better than they can? Put that on your website.

To paraphrase Dr. Christopher Dayagdag, the CEO of Marketlink Web Solutions, “create websites that sell.” You sell to clients and caregivers based on outcomes. You help clients to remain independent and at home, while you help caregivers grow and develop their skills while working for a reputable agency. Keep these outcomes in mind on your website.

Does your home care website need some personal care?

At Providentia Marketing, we build home care websites that help our clients reach their goals. If your agency’s website isn’t getting you the traffic or quality traffic that you need to grow your business, set up a 30-minute call with us. One of our home care website design experts will set up a plan for you to be on track with your goals.

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