The Impact of Insights: Elevating Home Care Through Data Analytics

How to use proprietary insights and big data to grow your home care business

A happy caregiver takes care of a happy client, representing what can happen when good home care analytics help the right caregiver to the right client.

Data isn’t just for big business. Small and midsize businesses can also benefit from the power of data-driven insights to power their marketing and recruitment campaigns.

Your home care agency can improve marketing efficiency too. Uncover new insights about your ideal clients, and bring in new, highly qualified caregivers more quickly.

What is analytics and reporting?

Reporting is the act of gathering and organizing data—that is, both numbers and qualitative information—related to a business and its employees.

The basic reporting “how-to”:

  • Identify the question(s) you want to answer, like What marketing channels produce the leads most likely to convert into clients? Or, What messages most resonated with my email newsletter subscribers? The more specific the question, the better.
  • Gather the relevant data (no matter how messy).
  • Organize and “clean” the data by removing irrelevant or incomplete information.

Analytics is the practice of using numbers to understand your customer needs, behaviors, and habits, as well as those of your employees.

When it’s time for analysis:

  • Review the relevant data reports, keeping in mind your target questions.
  • Consider whether the data you have is sufficient to fully answer your question(s). For instance, you may have results from only one PPC campaign; that’s a good place to start, but you may want to run a few more before you draw bigger conclusions.
  • Once you can reach confident conclusions, apply your new insights to optimize future marketing campaigns.

All kinds of businesses use analytics and reporting to make better marketing decisions and to hire staff efficiently. Analytics can help you decide what types of marketing campaigns to run, the messages that resonate with your target audience, and even other interests your target clients share.

What data does my home care business need?

Most small businesses already have plenty of data—about their clients, about their caregivers and staff. Data that can be used to market your agency to new clients, retain your current ones, and add more highly qualified caregivers to your staff.

Here are a handful of the types of data you might need:

  • Referral sources of your clients and client leads
  • Length of client relationships
  • The results of PPC marketing campaigns
  • The results of A/B tests of campaign messages
  • Most visited pages on your home care site and those that rank most highly on Google and Bing search engine results pages
  • Revenue generated through marketing efforts, organized by campaign type
  • Demographic data about your clients, as well as data that describes their interests and consumer behaviors

How is big data useful in marketing?

Business owners of all sizes can tap into big data as well. Big data describes massive amounts of information gathered, organized, and analyzed by companies, often those that specialize in analytics. This data can be used for both simple, day-to-day decision-making tasks and more complicated problems.

If you deploy an SEO strategy, you’re already using big data. When you research keywords related to your business, you’re mining big data gathered by Google and Bing to power your SEO work.

Check out these examples of how data—big and small—can help you improve your marketing and recruitment campaign

Proprietary Business Data Big Data
Organizing your agency’s data on past and current clients to identify common traits Using big data from social media and search platforms to find pockets of people who meet the criteria for your ideal clients—then targeting them using digital marketing campaigns
Analyzing the number of client leads that find your agency through PPC marketing campaigns, plus the conversion rate of those leads into clients, to identify the most lucrative keywords to bid on Conducting SEO research to identify keywords that your potential clients are searching
The number of highly qualified caregivers that apply to work at your agency, organized by referral source, location, and demographic data Using data provided by job search platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn to see how your employer profile compares to your competitors’

6 ways analytics can benefit your home care agency

The uses for data analytics and reporting are numerous and laden with opportunities for growing your home care agency. Here are a few of our favorite benefits:

1. Learn more about your ideal clients—and where to find them

Agencies that use analytics and reporting to identify common characteristics of their ideal clients can use that information to find pockets of them (both digitally and physically) then use that insight to write better marketing messages and lead nurture campaigns.

  • Identify demographic characteristics of people who spend the most money with your agency, those who stay with your agency the longest, and even their referral sources (like hospital referrals, digital marketing campaigns, or client referrals)
  • Segment your customers and create client personas

2. Make better marketing decisions

You can also combine client demographic data with results from past marketing campaigns to power the next ones.

  • Track the success of marketing campaigns to identify the most lucrative marketing channels
  • Precision-target your ideal clients using marketing data about your clients

3. Automations

Data enables your agency to automate your marketing efforts, saving you time and energy and making business operations more efficient.

4. Close deals more quickly and retain clients longer

When you can predict consumer behavior and find pain points in the sales process, you can avoid losing valuable leads.

  • Find pain points in the sales process to fix leaks in your sales pipeline
  • Improve lead response times
  • Optimize sales scripts to schedule more evaluations
  • Provide a better client experience and personalize the consumer journey by gathering, tracking, and analyzing behavior data in your CRM

5. Make better strategic business decisions

The more you know about performance, the more strategically you can act.

  • Identify new services your clients are interested in
  • Uncover competitors’ strengths against your own to find opportunities for business improvement and expansion

6. Hire more efficiently

Now that you have more clients coming in, you’ll need more caregivers. Reporting and analytics can help here too.

  • Automate your recruitment efforts and take pressure off your hiring managers so they can focus on developing great talent
  • Find leaks in your talent pipeline so you don’t lose great candidates
  • Identify the best referral sources for caregiver candidates so you can target them with recruiting efforts

Ready to power up your marketing and recruiting efforts with data?

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