Content Is Still King: Improving Local SEO for Home Care With a Focus on Quality

A good local SEO strategy can be a huge boost to a home care agency, and when it comes to a good SEO strategy, coming up with good, high-quality content should not be ignored.

Quality content is still very much important for your home care agency's local SEO strategy.

According to BrightEdge Research, organic search drives 53% of all website traffic, and organic plus paid search constitutes 76% of all website traffic. To boot, search traffic is outpacing all other channels in terms of growth, and organic drives the largest share of revenue of any traffic source (44.6%).

This means no home care marketing plan is complete without search-engine-optimized content.

But SEO is nothing without quality.

To succeed in content marketing in 2022, focus on quality

Quality is key. According to a survey of content marketers by Semrush, the most important contributors to a successful content marketing plan are:

  • A focus on improving content quality (41%)
  • Making SEO a priority (39%)
  • Creating more videos and visual content (31%)

Another argument for quality is this: As the market floods with content marketers, search engines are increasingly rewarding reputable, credible, high-quality content, and so will consumers.

So as you invigorate your local SEO strategy for both home care marketing and for caregiver recruiting in 2022, focus on the quality of your content over the quantity of your content. In this article, we’ll explore how.

6 tips for high-quality home care content marketing for local SEO

1. Answer common questions about the home care industry

A solid SEO strategy is built on meeting the needs of search engine users. When it comes to local SEO, the goal is usually to meet a user’s immediate needs.

A thorough keyword audit can uncover questions that your potential consumer base is asking.  You can use this research to create content that answers common questions about the home care industry. For example, you can create content that satisfies queries from a local audience, like:

Top-of-funnel keywords

  • Can I afford home care?
  • How to choose a home care agency

Bottom-of-funnel keywords

  • Home care agencies near me
  • Home care agencies miami florida

Don’t forget that local SEO can also fuel your caregiver recruiting efforts too.

Top-of-funnel keywords

  • How to become a caregiver
  • Home health care job requirements
  • How to become a home health care worker in texas

Bottom-of-funnel keywords

  • Home care jobs near me
  • Home health care jobs near me
  • Home health care jobs toledo ohio

2. Answer consumer questions about your business

Sometimes, your potential clients and potential caregivers are already aware of your home care agency and need to find answers to their questions about your business quickly.

A high-quality local SEO audit can pinpoint questions potential clients and caregivers are asking about your business so you can answer them on informational pages, blog posts, and FAQs pages.

For example:

  • Lassiter Agency home care jobs
  • Lassiter Agency home care cost
  • Lassiter Agency home care services

3. Continuously invest in your content marketing strategy

Consistently fresh content is critical to a high-quality content marketing strategy. Google rewards new, authoritative content, so a local SEO strategy is not a one-and-done plan. It requires regular audits, careful measurement, and consistent content creation.

4. Back your content marketing with expertise

Google prioritizes content that is most authoritative. This means it’s more likely to rank content with qualified expert sources more highly on a search engine results page, or SERP.

Whenever you’re creating new content for your home care website, quote experts, cite reputable data sources, and back up your claims with links to authoritative research and resources.

The good news is, you already have some experts in your agency, like long-time caregivers and company leadership. You can also work with industry experts to beef up your content marketing by interviewing them for blog posts or quoting them on your site.

5. Pay attention to your metrics

Search engines pay attention to user engagement metrics to understand how valuable your site content is to visitors. By creating a quality experience on your site, you can increase the likelihood that your engagement metrics will be strong.

To improve user experience, create content with these metrics in mind:

  • Clicks: The number of times a user clicks to view your page from SERP
  • Click-through rate (CTR): The number of times users click to visit your page divided by the number of times it appears on a SERP
  • Bounce rate: The percentage of people who visit only one page on your site
  • Time on page: How much time a user spends on a given page
  • Session duration: How much time a user spends on your site

6. Dig deep into your site's SEO

Strong local SEO is about more than just what a user sees on your home care website. It also depends on local SEO ranking factors, like site speed, your site map, metadata, site schema, site navigation, URL structure, and more.

In other words, the details matter, so be sure to power your local SEO strategy with quality work behind the scenes as well.

Extra bonuses of content marketing

Content marketing isn’t just for SEO and driving organic traffic to your site. High-quality content developed for local SEO can be repurposed to support your entire home care marketing strategy and help you recruit qualified caregivers quickly.

Repurpose your search-optimized content for:

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