Leveraging Video for Recruiting Caregivers: Getting Started With Video

Recruiting caregivers through video may sound great, but how can you do it? Read on to see!

Getting started with a caregiver recruiting video doesn't have to be overly complicated.

People crave social connection. According to the World Happiness Report, a sense of social connectedness is associated with increased life satisfaction. Being physically present with others is ideal, but there is evidence that online connection helps too: The same report notes that a feeling of online social support is associated with greater wellbeing.

The isolation fatigue we’re all experiencing means we need more ways of feeling that connection. And for job seekers in the market, the application process they experience is often a cold, impersonal one.

Employers can use this opportunity to make a stronger connection with job seekers early in the recruiting process and maintain that connection all the way to the point of hire and even through onboarding.

Confronting visitors with boilerplate messages and walls of text and long, tedious application forms is a lousy first impression to make. Instead, caregiver agencies should introduce video as a regular part of their recruiting strategy.

Imagine a warm and friendly video from a company leader, a hiring manager, or a future colleague greeting candidates when they visit your careers page or view a job listing.

Think of video as the welcome mat of your employer web presence.

Why video recruiting?

Video recruiting works. Job postings that include video receive a 34% greater application rate, and 75% of job seekers say the look and feel of a job posting influences their decision to apply.

For caregiver agencies, whose business is based on personal interaction and compassion, connection is especially important.

How to create a video for your recruiting page

Video can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, video that’s too polished and produced can feel impersonal. When you’re trying to make a personal connection with job candidates, a simple, low-cost (or, really, no-cost) video shot on a phone can do the job.

1. Choose your destination

Where your message will appear should influence what you say.

If you want the video to appear on a specific job posting, have the hiring manager speak directly to caregivers lower in your recruiting funnel by providing tips on the kinds of experience and qualities they look for in applicants. Or, have a potential colleague share what they love about the job and what they value in a coworker.

If you plan to use the video on your careers page, your message should speak to candidates high in the funnel, with information on your agency’s mission, values, and vision for the future.

Location can also affect the format of the video. For example, video on a career page can be horizontally oriented, while social postings should be vertical.

2. Plan your message

Write down what you plan to say, in notes or bullet points, but don’t write a script. A scripted message can feel detached. Practice what you’ll say aloud several times with a colleague to get comfortable with your message. The more you practice, the more natural it will feel.

3. Choose a video tool

No need to overthink it: What video app are you most comfortable with? The standard iOS and Android camera apps are completely fine for this kind of video. If you want to use a platform with a few more bells and whistles, check out Riverside.fm or StreamYard. Apps like these will also let you produce livestreams.

4. Choose the right setting

Choose a simple, orderly background and light the shot well. Natural light is the best, but make sure the light source isn’t directly facing the camera. Place the camera about six feet from the speaker on a solid surface, like a table or bookshelf. Speak loudly and confidently and reduce background noise by closing doors and windows.

5. Get it right

Take your time, and don’t be afraid to record the message a few times.

6. Download, upload

Download the video then upload it to your pages and platforms—job postings, job boards, careers pages, social channels—choose one (or all).

What else can you do with video?

Home Care Marketing Pros can help you build out your employer presence with video assets that can recruit caregivers and successfully get them through your recruiting funnel. Schedule a strategy session with us today to see how!

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