Leveraging Video for Recruiting Caregivers: 7 Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Video Assets

In the final part of our video recruiting series, see how to get the most mileage out of your caregiver recruitment videos by repurposing them into new formats and sharing them across channels.

Make the most out of your video recruiting assets by making sure they reach caregivers in a variety of ways, including mobile-friendly ones.

You’ve made a smart investment in your employer brand by creating videos to polish your image, advertise caregiver job openings, establish yourself as a thought leader in the home care field, and introduce prospective hires to the leaders and caregivers on your team. (Haven’t done this yet? Here’s how to get started with using video for recruiting caregivers)

Now that you’ve created the recruitment marketing materials, it's time to put them to work attracting caregivers to your agency. Try out these seven tips to make the most of your finished videos.

1. Turn it into a series of short clips

One of the simplest ways you can expand the reach of your video recruitment strategy is to edit them into smaller, snack-sized pieces. Here are a few ways you might do that:

  • Make a video about your core values, then slice it up, creating a shorter video for each.
  • Interview four caregivers about what it’s like to work at your company, then break the long video into four shorter slips.
  • Record a five-minute Q&A with a company leader or home care expert, then cut the video by question.

These shorter video clips are perfect for social media and pre-roll ads, which we’ll also explore in this post.

2. Turn it into a podcast

Make an audio-only file of your video and turn it into a podcast. Full-service sites like Buzzsprout are a great tool for podcast novices, where you can learn about the podcasting process, then edit and host your episodes. You can distribute the new audio files on your website or across your social media channels.

If this sounds intimidating, consider that you don’t have to invest in creating a regular, weekly podcast. One episode every month or every quarter is a great way to add some variety to your recruitment marketing materials.

3. Turn it into a Q&A blog post and promote it across channels

Convert your video into a Q&A format blog post. Use a quick, low-cost service like Happy Scribe or Rev to transcribe the audio, then write a short introduction and upload it to your blog (don’t forget to include a CTA to check out your careers page). The result is an SEO-rich post that can be promoted in an email newsletter, added to your careers page, and shared across social media. Investing in SEO content is a powerful way to add job seekers to your recruiting funnel and drive interest in your home care agency.

To get even more mileage out of it, you can turn the post into a blog series by breaking up the video and transcript by topic.

4. Create a newsletter series

Keep caregivers interested in your agency by dripping the video content to your audience in a weekly newsletter. Tease the video with a short excerpt, then drive viewers to a landing page where they can watch the full video and find more information about careers and open positions.

5. Upload it to YouTube

More than 2 billion people use YouTube to watch a billion hours of video every day, making it the second most-used search engine behind Google.

Upload your video to YouTube and optimize it with keyword-rich descriptions and tags so it’s easily discovered by great caregivers and industry experts. Your YouTube videos can then be embedded in job postings (job postings that include video receive a 34% greater application rate) and added to your profiles on sites like Indeed and LinkedIn.

6. Turn it into a video ad series

Your video can be converted into pre-roll video ads on YouTube and Facebook for an extra-powerful, super-targeted caregiver recruitment push.

7. Share it on your social media channels

Social media is the ideal destination for your video assets. Slice them up and share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Pull out the best quotes and turn them into social cards to tease the video (or blog post or podcast) and drive qualified caregivers to your site.

Ready to fill your caregiver recruiting funnel?

Home Care Marketing Pros can help you develop rich, versatile video assets to fill your recruiting funnel with caregivers actively looking for jobs.

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