Leveraging Video for Recruiting Caregivers: How Can You Add Video to Your Marketing Mix? 

If you're looking for ways to improve recruitment, these 5 video types can take your caregiver recruiting strategy to the next level.

A simple video showcasing a recruiter or owner can go a long way with caregiver recruiting.

Video is one of the most valuable assets you can add to your caregiver recruiting strategy. Not only does video increase applications, it’s one of the most shared content formats and can easily be adapted into a long list of other content types, like social media posts, thought leadership papers, blog posts, audio clips, and branding collateral.

Here are five video types you can add to your caregiver recruitment plan and how to repurpose them to recruit caregivers across channels and formats.

1. Talking-head video

A talking-head video can be great for caregiver recruiting when done right.

One of the quickest and simplest caregiver recruiting videos you can make is the talking-head video. All you need is one person with a thoughtful, pre-planned message and a good camera (a phone camera will do!).

Use a talking-head video to welcome prospective caregivers to your careers page, provide job application tips, or promote events. Here’s an example script for a talking-head video promoting a virtual open house.

Hi! My name is Prathima Reddy and I’m a senior care coach here at Community Care Agency. We’re building our team of home caregivers in 2022, and we hope you’ll join us for our virtual open house this Thursday evening, February 24, at 7 o’clock. 

You’ll hear from me about our open positions, the skills we look for in great caregivers, and our hiring process. You’ll also meet our chief care officer Liana Mendoza, who will talk about our philosophy of care and how we build a safe and inclusive culture for our caregivers. We’ll also make time for a Q&A at the end so we can field your questions.

The event is free, but attendees must register to attend. We hope to see you there!

To learn more about creating your first talking-head video, check out our quick how-to.

2. Mock interview

For job seekers further along in your funnel, and for your caregiver recruiters, mock interview videos can save time and improve the quality of interviews during the hiring process. Demonstrating effective interviewing skills can prepare job candidates to give recruiters and hiring managers the information they need the first time.

On your company careers page, you might build a library of videos in which “candidates” answer behavioral interview questions, like tell me about a time when you helped a client adapt to a new safety protocol, or tell me about a time when you seized the opportunity to learn a new skill.

While you can use two people—an interviewer and an interviewee—in your video, it can be just as effective to have a single person answering questions displayed on the screen.

3. FAQ video series

Build an FAQ video series from questions you get most often from caregivers looking for a job at your agency. Answer each question in a single video and build a library of short clips that can be used on job postings, across social media, or on your employer pages on sites like Indeed and Careerbuilder.

For example, you might build a series of videos that answer questions like:

  • What can candidates expect during the hiring process? How long does it take from application to offer?
  • Do you offer part-time positions?
  • Do you require new caregivers to have specific training or licenses? Does your agency pay for caregivers’ continuing education or license renewals?
  • What’s your PTO policy? What about sick days?

4. Interview with an expert

Interview an expert within your home care agency, like a veteran caregiver or team leader, about what it’s like to work on their team. You can also interview an expert outside your organization, like an academic, physician, researcher, or some combination of the above about the future of home care, trends in the space, or new tech. Insights from these interviews can be repurposed into blog posts and thought leadership papers.

Here’s a concept outline for an interview with a senior leader at your company.

Title: How I Grew My Career at Community Care Agency

Format: Five-minute Zoom video interview with senior leader

Subject: Marlon Bridges, Community Care Agency’s VP of senior care, talks about his journey from care associate to vice president. Marlon will be interviewed by an early-career caregiver in the agency.

Goal: Introduce job seekers to potential colleagues, lay out CCA’s philosophy of care and Marlon’s philosophy of leadership, and help caregivers imagine how they too might grow their career at CCA.

5. Webinars and live panel discussions

Live and pre-recorded webinars are a great way to show potential caregivers that you’re a leader in the home care field.

Live webinars can give you a chance to interact with viewers by polling your audience during the presentation or opening the floor for a Q&A session. If you’re more comfortable with pre-recording, try a fireside chat-style discussion between two subject matter experts, a panel discussion, or a short presentation on how to make a great first impression during an interview.

Here’s an example of a live webinar panel.

Preventing Burnout Before It Starts: Self-Care for Home Caregivers

Chief care officer Liana Mendoza will moderate a panel of four experts from mental health and home care in a 30-minute discussion on how caregivers and their employers can better work together to prevent burnout to increase job satisfaction, establish better work-life balance, and stay mentally healthy.

Like expert interviews, the insight shared during a webinar can be repurposed for your agency blog or in thought leadership materials. You can also slice and dice audio and video clips for use on your social channels.

Start incorporating video into your caregiver recruiting plan today!

If you need a hand working with video recruiting, reach out to the recruitment experts at Home Care Marketing Pros to get started!

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