7 Things Every Home Care Agency Should Automate

Make caregiver recruiting fast, easy, and totally . . . automatic.

Automation can help grow your home care agency by helping you get the caregivers you need.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is when you use software to build, run, and manage campaigns.

Marketing automation is traditionally used for finding customers and making sales, but it’s also ideal for finding job candidates and recruiting caregivers. Just like you market your business and product to your customers, you need to market your agency as an employer to qualified caregivers.

And when you automate the caregiver hiring process, it makes recruiting faster, easier, and more precise.

7 things your home care agency should use automation for

The digital caregiver recruitment campaign is the foundation of your hiring efforts. It’s how you’ll build a candidate pool and refine your leads, screen candidates, nurture candidates throughout the hiring process, make hires, onboard your new employees, and even improve your recruiting process over time. That’s a lot of work, so automating it is the best way to move far, quickly.

1. Candidate lead generation

Building a pool of qualified candidates is the first step to hiring your ideal caregivers. Marketing automation can be used to run ad campaigns (think display ads, social media ads, etc.) that promote specific job postings or to establish your presence as a recognizable and respected employer.

Lead generation is something you can turn on now and leave running in the background to build a candidate pool slowly over time, and then you can turn on the jets when you need to fill the pool faster and make a lot of hires quickly.

2. Candidate screening

One of the most tedious parts of recruiting caregivers is screening incoming job seekers for the first time. You can automate that! And there are plenty of ways to format your screening process: You can send applicants to a customized digital form, app, or portal, engage them with text messages (yes, you can automate that too), or even gamify the experience with an interactive questionnaire.

Not only does automation make it easier to screen a lot of caregiver candidates quickly and affordably, but it’s also a great chance to make a strong branding statement for your agency.

3. Candidate lead nurturing

The recruiting process takes time, and you don’t want to lose qualified caregiver candidates to other home health care agencies while you’re screening and interviewing your applicant pool. Automation can prevent this problem in two ways:

  1. Automation makes the hiring process faster, so you can keep your ideal caregivers close and move them forward quickly.
  2. Automated email campaigns keep leads warm between recruiting touchpoints with content that gets them excited about working for your agency.

4. Triggering the next step in the hiring process

Constantly updating the status of individual candidates takes too much time, and errors are easily introduced when it’s done by hand.

Whenever a candidate is ready and qualified to move onto the next stage in the hiring process, an automation platform can let you—and your applicant—automatically know it’s time!

5. Caregiver lead management

Sorting and categorizing candidates and their applications by hand is time-consuming, and it can be quickly and more accurately accomplished by an algorithm, especially in the earliest hiring stages.

And as applicants progress through your hiring process, automated lead management can spot ideal caregivers, identify those that are most engaged, and flag those that might be losing interest so you can pull them back in.

Ongoing automated lead management can also give you a bird’s eye view of your funnel and identify the stages where you need to build your pool of new caregivers.

6. Requesting and managing basic applicant information and credentials

Gather information about applicant licenses, certifications, and credentials easily and automatically so you can keep passive leads updated in your system.

If you need more information from an applicant or if something changes about the basic information of one of your prospective caregivers, there’s no need to start a long email trail and clog up your recruiter’s inbox. Recruitment marketing automation makes it easy to let candidates update their information whenever they need to.

7. Onboarding paperwork

Once you’re ready to bring on your new caregivers onboard, you can have your automation platform handle the tedious new hire paperwork that has to be done. Recruiting tech is fast and accurate at spotting mistakes and missing information, so you can rest assured that the ts are being crossed and the is are being dotted.

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