8 Big Ideas for Social Recruiting in 2022

Social media recruiting can reduce time to hire and cost per hire, actively net passive job seekers, and boost your overall employer brand reputation. Start developing your strategy!

Using social media for caregiver recruiting is a smart idea when done right!

Why social media recruiting?

It’s where the talent is: Eighty-six percent of job seekers use social media in their search. It’s also where your competition is: Ninety-two percent of employers currently use social media and professional network sites to recruit new hires. Social recruiting can reduce time to hire and cost per hire, actively net passive job seekers, and boost your overall employer brand reputation.

As you make plans for your social media presence in the coming year, keep these eight big ideas in mind for attracting talent.

1. Video job postings

Video job postings are a creative and attention-grabbing way to advertise open roles. No need to invest a lot of money here. These can be informally produced (as in, using your iPhone) videos featuring hiring managers or employees talking about the role, team, or agency, or simple, dynamic text-based videos.

2. Easy apply

In 2022, recruiters will need to hire workers quickly. This is especially true for caregiver agencies. To speed time to hire and deepen the pool of job candidates, make it easy for job seekers to apply through social media with one or two clicks.

3. The anthem video

Invest in an anthem video, sometimes called an image video, that can be repurposed wherever you want to build employer brand recognition. An anthem video is about who the company is—your values, mission, and vision for the future—and helps potential candidates imagine themselves contributing to your work.

An anthem video isn’t cheap, but the ROI is strong. It can be repurposed across social media channels as well as career pages and job board presences.

4. Create employer brand ambassadors within your agency

Don’t expect your workers to naturally share your employer-branded content—unless it features them. Create quick employee spotlights to brag about the great work your caregivers do and they’ll naturally want to share it with their networks. This means wider reach for your employer brand and more job seeker eyeballs on your content.

These spotlights might be static or video posts made specifically for social media feeds or blog posts featured on your site that can be easily shared across channels.

Here’s how cyber security company Palo Alto Networks celebrated one of their employees on Instagram.

An example of a company featuring an employee on their social media page.

5. Join the bigger conversation

Contributing to the larger conversation about home care and home health care can get the attention of potential candidates and boost your overall brand by establishing your agency as an active participant in the advancement of the home care industry.

Here’s how family health platform Ovia Health joined the conversation on COVID-19 vaccinations on their LinkedIn page. Jumping into the conversation can be as simple as sharing a news story relevant to your audience and adding your own brief commentary.

An example of a company commenting and sharing a news story on their social media to join the conversation.

6. Go live

The work of home caregivers has never been more relevant. Consider partnering with a subject matter expert or thought leader in home care and conduct a live discussion on a social media platform about the importance of the field, how it’s changing the senior care scene, and the future of care in the home.

After the event, clips from the live stream can be repurposed across channels to demonstrate your agency’s expertise and focus on the future. Forward-thinking caregivers will take note.

7. Don’t use all the social media channels

Here’s a big idea: Less is more. No need to max out your resources by spreading them thin across Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Facebook—and whatever the next big thing is. Choose the two platforms that attract the kind of talent you want to recruit, and master those.

8. Build accounts dedicated to your employer brand

Once you’ve chosen the social platforms most suited to your recruiting goals, consider creating an account dedicated to your identity as an employer. Palo Alto Networks uses their Instagram account @lifeatpaloaltonetworks to build their employer brand, highlight the hard work of their employees, and recruit new talent.

Do this only if you have the resources and strategy to actively manage the accounts. Nothing looks worse for your employer brand than an atrophied social media feed.

Need Help With Your Social Media Recruiting Strategy?

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