How to Leverage Social Media for Recruiting

Quick show of hands: how many of you use social media as a consistent way to recruit caregivers?  If you’re not, you should be. 

Finding and recruiting people through social media can be invaluable.

First, the reach of platforms like Facebook and Instagram is farther and wider than any job site will ever be. 

Consider the facts: Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly active users, and Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users.  Compare that reach with the biggest job site platform in the world, indeed, which logs 360 million visits per month.

There’s no doubt about it. More people visit social platforms and visit more frequently.  So take advantage. With a little planning and effort, social media marketing can be a key piece of your overall recruiting plan.

The Right Mindset

As in all recruiting, your message matters. 

Approach any social campaign with your mission as the foundation for everything that you do.  All posts, hashtags, and shares should consistently reflect your brand values.

Also, know that social media recruiting works best as a soft sell.  Nobody wants to be constantly bombarded with ads.  Post content that is helpful, informative, and fun….with the occasional job posting thrown in. 

Always be sure to use an inviting, professional tone. Your voice on all social channels should be consistent with the voice used on your website, in online job postings, and during in-person recruitment events.

Be Consistent

To be effective, update your content regularly, ideally daily.  Many platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, use algorithms that reward active posters with greater visibility.  So create a calendar of regular postings, and stick to it. 

Think of your social media presence as a garden. It needs constant attention to grow and flourish. Assign someone from your team, preferably a digital native, to regularly post meaningful content, respond to all comments and inquiries, and monitor all accounts for brand consistency. 

If you have brand hashtags, make sure to regularly incorporate them in postings.  Also, make sure to use the same company logos and colors on all of your social pages.  Work to make your brand easily recognized by its look, content, and tone.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Photos and videos get more clicks on social platforms than do posts filled with text. Images have real value, so choose all photos carefully.

Avoid relying only on stock photos-they can come across as insincere.  If possible, balance your use of stock photos with high-quality photos of actual caregivers and clients (adhering to all confidentiality rules, of course). 

People feel more of a connection when they view images of people and situations that seem real. 

Finally, take a minute to customize your business page backgrounds on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram with bright images and personalized content.  Don’t just accept the default background on those pages - that’s a missed opportunity and can come across as uninspired.

Film It

At every opportunity, post video content. Caregiving is about relationships.  Use video to highlight those relationships and attract those who would be the best fit for the job.

Look at the channel you're using to determine the optimal video length for that platform. For example, Instagram users typically prefer shorter video clips, while a YouTube viewer usually expects longer content. As a general rule, though, videos should be short.

Focus on Relationships

Brainstorm ways to use video effectively to highlight your company culture. 

Conduct short interviews with your best caregivers.  Ask them to talk about why they chose your company, and why they continue to stay.  Discuss special relationships caregivers have formed with clients, or ask clients about how caregivers have impacted their lives.

As always, make sure that you’re following all confidentiality protocols in sharing video content.

Ask Employees to Spread the Word

In using social media platforms for recruiting, current employees can be your best resource.  Employees’ social networks are generally larger than corporate networks.  Plus, people tend to trust the content that comes from their friends.  So harness this potential power. 

First, invest in a few training sessions to share with your staff your company’s social media policies.  Make those rules clear to understand and easy to find.

Like and Share

Finally, encourage employees to interact with your content and to share it with their connections. The key here is to encourage staff, don’t force them. You don’t want to create an additional burden for caregivers.

However, if employees are viewing and sharing positive content on their channels, it can provide them with a sense of pride in their job and increase buy-in to the company mission.

Build Your Brand

Social media offers informal, interactive ways to attract and recruit quality caregivers. Consistently post on-brand content that provides value for your target audience.

The more people connect and interact with you, the more trust you will build in your company.  Then, when you do share a job opening, your audience will see it as a chance to come and join something special.

If you need a hand with implementing recruiting into your social media strategy, contact the experts at Home Care Marketing Pros today!

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