As this past year has shown, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses of all kinds to re-think their marketing strategies. The home care industry is no exception. Many agencies have struggled with a diverse range of challenges they could never have predicted. However, home care companies need to ensure that their marketing can continue, while at the same time not coming across as blind or tone-deaf to the current state of affairs. Below are a few practical yet efficient social media management tactics to help you better promote your home care agency. 

Don’t Hard-Sell, Show Support

From a business perspective, COVID-19 has likely made maintaining customer relationships difficult. However, instead of asking yourself, “how do we improve business?” it may be a better to ask how you can use social media to support your clients through these strange times.

Using your website or your social media pages to focus on brand awareness and marketing isn’t necessarily the right step at this time. It may work against you by making your home care agency appear unconcerned about what your potential clients are facing. Instead, use your social media outlets to show support for both your clients and your community.

Consider providing awareness through webinars, using social media as an alternate way to communicate, or even making a donation to a local community organization. These various suggestions will help to show that your agency cares about its clients and the community.

Showcase Reviews and Testimonials

Social media is an excellent way to use your customers’ words about your company to your benefit. To be successful in the online market regardless of COVID-19, you must have an excellent online reputation. Sharing positive reviews and testimonials through social media outlets such as Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn can help potential clients learn more about your company, see how happy current and prior customers are, and perhaps inspire them to give you a call.

Ask your current clients to review your company online and leave a testimonial describing your services. If they have access to social platforms, asked them to leave the same review there, or if they do not, ask them if you can post their words through your social media platforms. Many of today’s elderly and their loved ones are becoming more and more tech-savvy. Therefore, building a solid online reputation through websites and social media platforms helps to instill trust and shows your organization to be reputable among the competition.

Communicate with Your Clients

It is essential to keep in mind that COVID-19 has brought about a significant amount of isolation and lack of communication. As a Home Care Services provider, you must continue to communicate with your existing clients and make potential clients aware that your business is still here for them during these difficult times. Social media outlets and websites make this easier than ever before.

Use social media to check in with your clients to see how they’re doing during the pandemic. You can also use social media to ensure your clients that your company is well prepared for dealing with any situation and that you have been following the government guidelines to ensure adequate safety for them when your home care service providers arrive at their homes. This will go a long way in building a long-term, trusting relationship with your clients in the end.

It may be some time before market conditions returns to what they were before the emergence of COVID-19. In the meantime, it is crucial to use social media to extend your support to your clients. Keep the lines of communication open and adjust your communication strategies accordingly to keep your brand reputable.

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