Home care businesses face competition when it comes to attracting potential clients. Unfortunately, you don’t have the ability to market a groundbreaking tech product or revolutionary new fashion trend like companies in other industries can. More or less, home care businesses provide the same services as each other. This means branding plays a key part in making yours stand out.

Eye-catching, professional branding can be the difference between obtaining a client and losing them to a competitor. It may seem like a daunting task, but in reality, it just takes a little time and know-how.

Intro To Color Theory

Okay, okay, this isn’t art class. Still, it is important to understand a bit of the underlying psychology of colors when it comes to branding your home care business. Have you ever noticed that you feel a certain level of excitement when seeing bright colors like yellow or orange? Perhaps you get feelings of regality when seeing the color purple.

Humans are hardwired to feel certain emotions when taking in certain colors. For example, red is associated with action, energy and even aggression. Blue is commonly linked with professionalism and trust. Green evokes feelings of calm and reminds us of nature.

When branding your home care business, keep color theory in mind. Choose colors that accurately represent the feel and mission of your company. Home care marketing can get a subconscious level up by harnessing the emotional power of colors.

Branding Can Be Done On Any Budget

While a home care business doesn’t have the marketing budget of a nationwide corporation like Facebook or Google, they don’t need it to use branding effectively. In fact, branding can be done successfully on any budget.

The key to branding a home care business is filtering your entire business into a visual representation that can be understood on first glance. It may seem difficult to do this, but no one knows your business like you do. By taking an honest look at what separates your home care company from your competitors, you can create successful branding campaign that can be used across all mediums.

Logo Design Is The Starting Point

A logo sits at the core of any branding effort. It should be the centerpiece of your marketing and reflect who you are as a company. Not only does it draw on color theory, it should inspire trust, reliability, and clearly communicate that you are a home care company.

Once you have a logo that you’re satisfied with, you can easily build around it to create a total branding package. Use the color scheme to create your letterhead. Take a smaller portion of it to make the image that comes up in the browser tab (a favicon). Use the font you chose for the logo to create headings on your website.

Home care marketing starts with a logo. Make sure it’s a great one. By doing so, you give clients a clear understanding of what you do without ever saying a word. That is the definition of branding.

Home Care Marketing Means Branding Everything

Once you’ve invested the time and money in creating a logo, brand colors, and image aesthetics, it only makes sense to include them everywhere. Yes, we mean everywhere. From your website to business cards and from letterhead to promotional giveaways, your logo and branding should be on all of it.

Feature your branding on images shared across social media and at the top of invoices to clients. Not only does this make your home care business seem more professional, it gives you an easy way to make everything look consistent. This goes for healthcare employees, administrators, and owners. When you brand every aspect of your business, it becomes instantly recognizable to clients and community members. While this may not seem important, it can drastically affect the number of clients you attract.

A Trusted Team Of Branding Professionals At Home Care Marketing Pros

Just because you can create a branding package on your own doesn’t always mean you should. In fact, if you don’t have experience doing it, your home care marketing budget can quickly be used up by incorrect branding that requires re-dos. You may also waste lots of time trying to figure out what everything means and how the pieces of the branding puzzle fit together.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. At Home Care Marketing Pros, we are branding specialists who have all the knowledge and skill necessary to brand your home care business. Whether you need a new website design to match a new company direction or social media content on the daily, we have you covered. We have years of experience with home care marketing and want to put it to use for you. When you decide to brand (or re-brand) your company, reach out to us and we’ll get started.

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