Recruit the Best Caregivers: Do These 6 Things

We’ve got some great ideas for improving your recruiting methods. It starts with this: re-think your approach.

Recruit The Best Care Givers - Do These 6 Things

We all know that quality caregivers are essential to providing excellent in-home care. We also know that recruiting top-notch employees can be a major challenge. So why do most home care companies put little thought into how they recruit caregivers? They write a list of demands (i.e. requirements) and slap it on Indeed. Then they turn around and tell the world they have the best service. Is it really true?

A Missed Opportunity

Many job ads seeking caregivers simply list the skills required by the position. Many ads read like a checklist with the understanding that if a worker has certain qualifications, they can “do” the job. To be sure, every position has responsibilities. But here’s the thing: you’re not just hiring a worker to do a job. You’re hiring a person to provide attentive care for a client.

1. Speak Directly to Your Ideal Hire

In your advertising, begin by emphasizing the qualities and characteristics that your company stands for and that you are looking for in new hires. Take the time to think about what your company values most in caring for clients. Compassion? Quality of life? Integrity? Professionalism? Clearly state the values that matter the most to you so that potential employees clearly see what you stand for. Then, list the qualities that you are looking for in caregivers, in alignment with your own values. Of course, qualifications and requirements will follow. But always lead with your heart. Show potential caregivers who you are and then what you expect from them.

2. Sell Yourself

In all recruitment materials, make your company shine. Show potential employees all that they will gain as part of your team. Has your company been recognized as being a great place to work? Do you have a high employee retention rate? Great camaraderie? Talk about it! Explain why it’s great to be a part of your team.

Show how and why your organization stands apart from other home care companies

Be creative. Will caregivers gain extensive, personalized training? A positive work environment? The ability to build one-on-one relationships with clients? These are the things that make the day-to-day elements of a job enjoyable. Pay and other benefits are certainly important. But, they’re also fairly competitive across agencies. When speaking to potential hires, show how and why your organization stands apart from the other home care companies out there. Show how working with your agency can align with their values and help them grow personally and professionally.

3. Speak to Students

Seek out the chance to have conversations with students interested in-home care. Create opportunities to answer questions and provide feedback. Local high schools and colleges can present great opportunities for such discussions. Sign up for job fairs, either in person or virtual. Give an incentive to some of your best caregivers to attend and answer questions about their job. Hearing from management is one thing. Getting details from someone who lives the job itself is another.

4. Give a Specialized Pitch

If there are CNA or HHA programs in your area, contact them. Ask if you can sponsor a coffee break or an ice cream social for their students in exchange for an informal presentation about your agency. Pitch a free webinar beneficial to your target audience and use a few minutes to advertise your agency and your current employment opportunities. Consider topics useful to students, like resume building for health care. Engage your audience with useful information, and then sell your company at the end.

5. Employee Referral Program

Current employees can be the best resource for finding good people. Caregivers that come as referrals tend to have lower turnover rates. Plus, your staff gets to work with people that they already like. It’s a win-win. Agencies with the most successful referral programs make it an organized and ongoing effort. Be intentional with your program, and communicate those intentions with your staff. Emphasize that you’re looking for people who share your agency’s values. Make sure to track referrals, and offer incentives to the caregivers whose referrals make it to the 90-day mark.

Make It Personal

Good recruiting showcases your values and persuades people that your company is a great place to be. Know where your ideal caregivers are, and take the time to speak with them about topics that interest them. Communicate your values clearly and have meaningful discussions with people. By establishing relationships, you’ll be sure to find the best caregivers (not just the best workers) for the job.

If you are interested in discussing a recruitment marketing strategy or having a fresh set of eyes reviewing your job ads, contact us. We would be happy to give your recruiting an audit and make recommendations.

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