Today, content overload is a very real problem. There are blogs, social posts, videos, podcasts, press releases and much more available at the click of a mouse. So, is a blogging program, often the core of marketing strategies for home care agencies, really effective?

The answer is yes.

A content strategy that includes posting original content directly on your domain, related to your area of expertise on a consistent basis is crucial for success.

Let’s look at a few examples.

Client company Y ended their content strategy, and is no longer posting original and relevant content on their website or sharing original content on social media. Comparing the past six months without a content strategy to the previous six months where a content strategy (blogging + social) was executed, the overall website traffic decreased by more than 25 percent, with organic traffic decreasing by 31 percent and social traffic decreasing by 88 percent.

Client company Z ended their blogging program and social sharing efforts four months ago. Comparing the recent four months without a strategy to the previous four months with a strategy, overall traffic has decreased by more than 17 percent, with organic search decreasing by 1 percent in this short time frame and decreasing more than 25 percent from social media.

These websites have seen significant decreases over short periods of time since ending their content marketing strategies. The downward trend in overall, social and organic traffic is an indicator that the lack of ongoing content strategy is having a negative impact on traffic and will continue to do so over time.

Don’t miss out on great organic and social traffic to your homecare website due the lack of a solid content strategy! If you’re unsure if a content strategy is right for your company, don’t be afraid to test the waters. Set a firm strategy and execute it, adjusting the strategy to meet your goals as needed. If you need assistance managing blogging, social, email or other marketing strategies for home care agencies, reach out to our home care marketing educators to learn how we can help!