Effective Techniques to Get More Customer Reviews on Google

Customer reviews matter. Google reviews in particular can improve your SEO and bring more home care clients to you, but how can you get them?

Provide quality service to get good Google reviews.

There’s no doubt about it: customer reviews matter. Most importantly, reviews help to ensure that you’re providing your clients with top-of-the-line, compassionate care. Also, reviews serve as a powerful influencing factor to people looking to purchase home care services or to join your company as a caregiver.

Google reviews in particular will boost your SEO and drive more interested parties to your website. While Google reviews are crucial to your success, they can also be a challenge to obtain. Check out our tips for gaining more reviews and leveraging those reviews to build your online reputation.

Communicate the Value of Reviews to Your Staff

It’s essential that your entire staff knows the value of reviews to your company. Every interaction clients have with your company-from signing contracts with salespeople to interacting daily with caregivers-will leave an impression.

Reviews can be built on a single experience, but many more are made after a series of interactions with clients.

Next, make a dedicated plan to elicit and publish reviews from clients, and make your staff aware of that process. Your goal should be to make the review process as simple and consistent as possible.

Ask for Reviews in Person

The home care industry is based on relationships. When seeking services, people are looking for a company that will provide compassionate care for their loved ones. If clients themselves have experienced excellent care, most will be happy to share their stories so that others looking for similar services will be able to find quality help.

You know your all-star caregivers: the employees that have been with you for a long time and who have become like family to the seniors that they assist.

Approach those employees, and ask them to talk to their long-standing clients and their families about sharing a review of the company. Explain that leaving reviews helps your home care company provide the best service possible to current and future clients.

If approached by a favorite caregiver in a genuine way, clients will likely be happy to help.

Make it as Easy as Possible to Leave a Review

One main reason people don’t leave a review is that it can be a hassle. Sometimes, writing a review takes too much time, or the format of the review is confusing or complicated. Work to streamline the process for your clients.

An easy way to solicit reviews is to create a customizable link to your Google My Business Account and share that link to online content your clients are likely to read, like personalized emails or invoices. When customers click on your link, they will immediately be prompted to give your company a star rating and write a quick review.

Don’t forget about print materials.

Create a Google Review QR code and place that code on all printed materials, including newsletters, posters, and business cards. That square-shaped code, when scanned by a mobile device, will take customers directly to the Google Reviews Page.

What to Do with Reviews When You Get Them

The more visible your best Google reviews are, the better. Proudly showcase your top reviews on your homepage. When people first land on your website, they should be greeted by glowing reviews of your home care services.

In addition, create a separate reviews page on your website. Share your Google reviews to that page, along with your address and a Google Map that shows your location. A dedicated reviews page will provide detailed feedback about the services you offer while giving a social endorsement of your company’s quality.

On a related note, don’t forget to include video testimonials from caregivers detailing what they love about their job. Offering video feedback from staff puts a human face on the care that you provide.

Plus, showcasing top employees on your page will help with staff recruitment. Remember that potential employees also consider reviews when researching companies to work for.

Engage with Existing Reviews

It’s important that you respond consistently and quickly to customer reviews. Doing so shows that you value feedback which helps to build trust in your company.

You don’t have to respond directly to every single review but respond consistently to both positive and negative comments.

Remember, your goal is quality service. Thank those who rave about your care. If you do have a negative review, try and resolve the issue in an appropriate way.

Acknowledging comments shows that you are attuned to the needs of your clients, which is really what good home care service is all about.

Keep Exceptional Service as Your Focus

Good reviews will come from good service. Strive to provide quality care to your clients in each interaction that you have, from sales to direct care.

Then, create easy, frequent opportunities for clients and their families to offer feedback. Finally, maximize your reviews for greatest visibility.

We Can Help with Reviews and Reputation Management

At Home Care Marketing Pros, we know that good reviews build trust, boost recruitment, and drive purchasing decisions. We offer customized services in reviews and reputation management that will help your home care company source more positive testimonials and online reviews.

Contact us today, and together, we’ll craft a digital marketing strategy that will build your brand and ultimately help you gain more clients.

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