Tim Mullaney of Senior Housing News recently wrote an article about the Nurse shortage in the US, and he highlighted where the shortage may be the at its worst.

As he points out, “Home health agencies already consistently say that staffing is their greatest challenge, and the issue may only get worse in the coming years.”

We hear time and again that the shortage is tantamount to a crisis, and that lack of home health aides and personal caregivers is having a negative impact on those who need care. But this new information also points out the reality of the registered nurse (RN) shortage. As Mr. Mullaney goes on to point out that the shortage is particularly sever in Arizona, with a forecast shortfall of 28,100 registered nurses within the next decade.

This information was released in a graphic below from the Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies, based on data from a 2014 report from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

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Florida, where Home Care Marketing Pros is headquartered, has a surplus of 4,200 according to the survey. As you can see, other states with shortages include North Carolina, Colorado, and Maryland. Factors driving the RN shortfalls include a demanding job environment and inconsistent wages, according to a Georgetown blog post.

Recruiting Caregivers for Home Care and Home Health Care

What does this mean for your recruiting efforts? Well first, just because there is a shortfall  does not mean you will have a shortfall at your home health care company. Remember, you are not trying to hire 28,000 people. So focus on the current openings you have and make sure your jobs are posted on your website, and that your application is mobile friendly, and SEO ready.

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