Before we get started, let’s define what a great home care website is – and what it is not. A great home care website is not the one with the latest techno-gadgets. It’s not the one with the coolest pictures, the best animation or the most engaging copy. And it’s not the one that won the most awards or cost the most to build. A great home care website is one that gets the best results. What are the best results? Well, that depends on you, and what you are looking to accomplish.

The following 7 goals outline what you can be focused on when creating a great home care website. Which one is the one for your home care company?

1. First impressions.

Less than 15 years ago, a website was little more than an online brochure. Today, it’s your online office – after all, more prospective clients will see your website than your actual offices. If your site does not instantly make the right impression, you’re going to have a much harder time selling services and recruiting caregivers.

2. Positioning.

Your website should not just make a great impression, it should tell people what makes your agency better than the competition. A great home care website clearly and convincingly differentiates a home care company.

3. Credibility.

Home care is a relationship business. And relationships are built on trust. While your website will not replace your salespeople or your caregivers, it can do a lot to show-off your expertise, prove your value and demonstrate that you run a trustworthy organization.

4. Education.

No one wants to sell a commodity. To sell higher value services, you first have to educate people about the need for – and value of – the solutions you deliver. Your website is an ideal platform to teach people when, why and how home care can be used, and how one goes about using your services.

5. Streamline the service process.

A great home care website is not just a marketing tool. It also makes it easier for people to do business with you. Today, home care websites are becoming an integral part of the service process, allowing clients to request services, schedule appointments, and learn about your specialties from the comfort of their own home. It also allows potential caregivers (candidates) to learn about your job openings, apply for jobs, and onboard with your company. A great website saves people time – while reducing your servicing costs!

If you ask 100 home care companies, “What makes you special?,” 99 are likely to reply, “Our service.”

6. Improve the customer experience.

If you ask 100 home care companies, “What makes you special?,” 99 are likely to reply, “Our service.” But service can mean a lot of different things. Walmart has one kind of service experience; Neiman Marcus has another. Your website can, and should, play a big role in delivering the kind of service experience you want to deliver. Tools such as surveys, online help guides, and client portals can dramatically enhance your customer’s experience. When combined with outbound communication such as e-mail newsletters and automated service announcements, your website can greatly enhance the quality and consistency of your service.

7. Promotion & lead generation.

For most home care companies, lead generation (new clients) is the number one goal for their website. A great home care website is an efficient machine that works for you 24/7/365 to attract prospects, enhance relationships with existing clients, generate more client referrals, and source and recruit new caregivers for your company.

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