Where on the improvement path would you place your process for ensuring excellent client experiences? Cutting edge or edge of extinction? Somewhere in there?

Research from Forrester indicates just how important staying on top of CX (client/customer experience) is. Nearly 3 in 4 (72%) of businesses say that improving the customer experience is a top priority – which is very good news, considering how much CX has changed over the past several years.

Changing technology and greater expectations have made it tough to stay competitive, while still remaining relevant to your clients and their families. So if you’re still stuck in the CX slow lane, today’s blog post is for you. Below, we’ve summarized the most relevant trends for home care firms from this Forbes.com post to help you go from trailing behind to leading the pack:

  1. Value and experience can trump price. Would you be excited if you had the opportunity to compete solely on price, every day? Do strive to be the cheapest home care provider in your market? Of course not! Use amazing customer experiences to avoid the commodity game and differentiate your business. When stellar client service is part of your value proposition, price becomes less relevant. After all, we are talking about caring for people.
  2. Increase in AI and improvements in chatbots. It’s hard to believe this is happening now and not in the distant future, but chatbots are on the rise in providing efficient customer service. In coming years, customers will demand more self-service options in home care, giving rise to the adoption of internet robots (virtual assistants) as customer service “gatekeepers.” Leading-edge home care companies will resolve low-value transactions, inquiries and problems through digital channels, including chatbots. To keep from falling behind, train-up all your customer-facing personnel as you integrate new service technology.
    Note: Want to learn more about chatbots? Check out this post – Essential Guide for Chatbots
  3. Proactive customer service is becoming more popular. Your clients don’t merely want you to react to issues, they expect you to anticipate and prevent them. Home care companies that are the best at spotting and fixing problems before the client notices will enjoy a stronger brand, greater customer loyalty and a healthier bottom line. Map out your client journey, look for areas that need improvement. While you are at it, do the same thing with your applicant journey.
  4. Convenience wins the day. How easy and convenient is it for your customers to do business with you? Can they get assistance 24/7/365 – using a communication channel that suits them? Just a few decades ago, businesses had three ways of communicating with customers: in person, in writing, and over the phone. Now, clients and referral sources use everything from email to voice mail and social media to communicate. But as customer service becomes more convenient, it also becomes more fragmented. Your home care agency must find new ways to reintegrate it, to deliver consistent, convenient service across all channels.

Which of these trends will impact your home care firm the most in the coming year? How could you leverage one (or more) of these trends to deliver better CX? We’d love to know. Leave me a comment below or send me an email!