The short answer: you better believe it!

Take a look at what we were able to do for a staffing client. Our marketing team recently began blogging for a staffing agency with two offices in Wisconsin.

The Goal:

This company has two main goals (just like nearly every other home health care organization):

  • Drive more inbound leads from clients.
  • Get more applications from qualified candidates.

Do those sound like familiar goals for your home care company? Most home care clients we talk to are constantly looking for new clients AND new caregivers.

The Solution:

To help meet these goals, we developed a content marketing strategy. Each quarter, one of our Social Media Marketing Advisers develops a custom content plan. When developing this plan, we look for topics that are relevant to the company’s core audiences (clients and job seekers) and topics that get a high level of search traffic and engagement. We also take a close look at past content to determine what themes and topics get high engagement and conversion.

Once we develop the content plan, we turn our professional writers loose. Each month we produce four custom-written blog articles. For this particular client, we write two client-facing posts and two candidate-facing posts. Each blog post is search-engine optimized, so that we can drive more targeted search traffic from people and prospective clients in their local markets who are looking for the services they offer.

Once this content is posted on the client’s blog, we also push it to their social media accounts. By sharing this content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn Groups, we are able to dramatically increase reach and drive traffic back to the website where people can take action.

Finally, we also send out a monthly email newsletter. This allows us to reach a very large audience with the push of a button!

The Results:

To gauge results, we pulled website traffic data from the first several months of the marketing program (12/16 – 2/17) and compared that to the same time period one year prior (12/15 – 2/16). By comparing the same time period we can eliminate any seasonal differences that may skew our results. Here’s what we found:

  • Overall web traffic more than doubled: up 127.64%
  • Search engine traffic is up 303.49%
  • Referral traffic is up 115.34%
  • Social media traffic is up 442.86%

Pretty amazing results, right?

Well this is just the start. Increases in traffic are great, but we need to make sure it’s the “right” traffic, going to the “right” places. So we dug a bit deeper to look at visitor behavior and conversions:

  • The first goal was to reach more candidates:
    • Traffic to the careers page rose 132.18%
    • Traffic to the submit an application page was up 21.09%
  • Our second goal was to reach more clients
    • Traffic to their specific services pages increased by as much as 255%!

Perhaps the most telling statistic was actually traffic to the contact us page. After all, we want people to pick up the phone and call or complete a contact form. Traffic to the contact us page alone was up 87.32%!

Want results like these? Give one of our marketing educators a call at 888.229.8057 or get an estimate.