7 Advanced Local Marketing Ideas for Your Home Care Business

A list of advanced strategies for marketing your home care agency to your local community

Community events and education are a great, more advanced way of local home care marketing and outreach.

So, you’re pretty well-versed in local marketing strategies. You’re running a steady social media feed (or two), you’ve tried an email marketing campaign, and maybe you’ve even sponsored a local health event. It’s time to take your local marketing plan to the next level and upgrade to 2.0 so you can expand your reach and attract new clients and recruit home caregivers.

If you’re not quite ready for these advanced local marketing strategies, no worries! Check out these ten easy local home care marketing ideas.

7 ideas to advance your local marketing strategy

1. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

Having a mobile-friendly site is a must for your local SEO marketing strategy. Eighty percent of consumers use search engines to find local information, according to Think with Google, and 61% of people searching on mobile are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site.

Make sure your home care agency website is ready for search engine users in your area.

2. Host an open house

Help convert prospective clients into actual clients by inviting them over. Host an open house where people in your community can come and meet your home caregiver staff and leadership, ask questions about your services, and talk about their needs and concerns.

Face-to-face contact goes a long way toward establishing a healthy and trusting long-term relationship with people who need your help caring for their loved ones.

3. Host community education events

Your agency has a lot of knowledge about healthcare, home health and safety, and disease prevention—share your knowledge with your community by hosting educational events. Invite the community in for a session on home safety for aging loved ones who live on their own or a live Q&A with a local doctor about early signs of dementia.

Expand your audience by partnering with local doctors and medical practices, nursing homes, health clinics, and community centers.

4. Invest in webinars and video

If you can’t bring the community into your agency, develop digital content that can be shared around and build health literacy in your area.

Consider hosting a webinar in which a member of your leadership interviews a healthcare researcher or a panel discussion on preventing the spread of the flu among the elderly.

Video is versatile too. You can adapt this content format into blog posts, email newsletters, bite-size videos or pull quotes for social media platforms, podcasts, and more.

5. Pitch your local media

Hiring a lot of new caregivers? Expanding your business and adding new offices or services? Hosting a community health event? Pitch local media outlets. Contact a business reporter at your local paper or TV station and let them know what’s going on with your agency. They just might pick it up and give you some good press.

6. Conduct research and create guides that your local community can use

Use your home care know-how to create data-based reports on the health and wellbeing of your local community. Partner with a local university or community college to gather and analyze the data and to distribute your findings.

You might create a white paper on the mental health of retired people in your town, facts about the spread of cold and flu year over year plus tips for prevention. Or you can keep it light and partner with local businesses and tourism boards to build guides like 12 ways seniors can enjoy the great Richmond outdoors this summer or 5 local art programs for seniors.

7. Take content repurposing to the next level

Repurposing your content should be a part of your local marketing strategy at any level. Home care agencies can easily convert blog posts to social media posts or email newsletters, but you can also take it to the next level by converting blog posts into podcasts, research papers into videos, and community events into video ad series—there are myriad ways to repurpose your work across channels for maximum impact.

Not only can this help you attract potential clients to your home care agency, but you can also use repurposed content to recruit qualified home care and healthcare professionals.

Ready to get started with advanced local home care marketing techniques for your business?

Our team here at Home Care Marketing Pros is ready to help you implement a number of marketing strategies that can help you get the clients and caregivers your agency needs! Reach out to us to get started today!

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