How to Attract Passive Job Seekers to Your Home Care Agency

Tap into the 70% of the labor force who aren’t actively searching for a job, but are ready to be won

Attracting passive job seekers can bring amazing applicants to your agency!

So much of caregiver recruitment work is designed to target the people looking for jobs. It makes sense. Your agency shares a goal with actively-job-searching caregivers—to find a great, mutually beneficial match.

But what about those caregivers who are completely qualified, but aren’t actively searching the job market?

Meet the passive job seeker.

What is a passive job seeker?

A passive job seeker is a professional who is not looking for a new job. However, if the right opportunity were to come along, they’d be interested.

Passive job seekers are harder to win than active job seekers are, but it can be done, and the rewards are great.

Why passive job seekers?

According to LinkedIn, “70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent who aren’t actively job searching,” and 87% of both active and inactive candidates are open to new opportunities.

5 ways to attract passive job seekers

1. Invest in candidate automation

Recruitment automation makes it easy for you to remove friction from the hiring process and keep your caregiver leads engaged.

An automated recruitment funnel lets you:

  • Organize and label leads based on their position in the funnel
  • Sift out dead leads so you don’t waste time and resources
  • Keep passive caregiver candidates engaged with email outreach
  • Track candidate engagement by identifying who opened emails, who clicked on content, who attended agency events, etc.

2. Start an employee referral program

You can enlist the help of your current staff to bring in passive job seekers. Start an employee referral program that incentivizes your current caregivers to reach out to their network about open jobs. It’s a low-cost, low-energy, way for you to attract those passive job seekers.

And by the way, word of mouth is effective: The number-one way people discover new job opportunities? Employee referrals.

3. Run social media ads

Passive job seekers are not the ones searching on job boards and reading job postings for new opportunities. If you want to recruit passive caregivers, you’ll need to go where they are: social media.

Social media recruiting lets you get in front of potential applicants by meeting them where they are. Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook make it easy for you to target specific demographics. You can also use the information from your social outreach—the type of person who engaged, the type who didn’t—to better shape campaigns that target passive job seekers on other platforms too.

4. Be a subject matter expert

Another way to attract the attention of highly qualified caregivers (and build your email list) is to be a contributing expert in the home health care field.

Create programming that advances home care in the form of:

  • Webinars on the latest developments in home care, featuring medical and home health experts
  • Community events that attract caregivers, like training sessions and other learning opportunities 
  • Data-driven reports with both insight and interpretation that other caregivers can use

Note that these aren’t recruiting events. While one of the goals will certainly be to fill your funnel with caregiver leads, passive job seekers are less likely to attend an overt recruiting event, so design content and events that will benefit caregivers even if they never join your team.

Plus, you don’t want to alienate potential caregivers who want to be discreet about talking to other employers.

5. Be ready when they come with questions

Even though you’ve done the work of going out and enticing passive job seekers, they will undoubtedly have plenty of questions about what it’s like to work at your home health care agency.

  • Build out your careers page: According to LinkedIn, a company website is the most effective talent branding tool. Simply having a careers page will not do the work of initially hooking passive candidates, but when they come to do research on your agency, you need to be prepared. Your page should include information about benefits and compensation, learning opportunities, culture, and mission.
  • Create interview guides: Guides that detail the interview process and timeline, who they can expect to meet, and how they will be evaluated at every step.
  • Provide a human point of contact: You need to make the recruiting process as friendly as possible to your passive candidates. Offer them a person within your agency they can easily contact. Bonus points for providing more than one way to reach out to them, like email, text, and chat.
  • Give them a reason to leave their current agency: Your job is to give them new caregivers a reason to leave their current role and make the move to your home care agency. This is called your employer value proposition, or EVP. Develop it, know it, and embody it.

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