Job Site Recruiting: Go Big or Go Niche

Job sites can be invaluable when it comes to recruiting. However, should you go with a large job site? Or, one that specializes in your field? We compared two sites to see.

Choosing the right job board can mean recruiting your ideal candidate

You’ve written the perfectly optimized job listing and have posted it on your website.  But you’re looking to generate more notice.  With so many job board options available, it can be hard to decide where to go and how to budget.

We checked out two major job sites, one large and one niche, to determine what each offers employers in terms of recruitment marketing.

Big Indeed

Indeed is the world’s largest job board and offers easy-to-use tools for businesses of all sizes.  It’s free to post jobs. 

Additionally, you can create a business page at no cost that allows you to upload photos and videos, share company reviews, and add other relevant content. 

For a fee, you can sponsor your ads for a select amount of time, which will keep your listings prominent in search results and will match you with candidates who meet your qualifications.

A Streamlined Process

Within the last month, the company created the “Indeed Hiring Platform,” which they describe as “a new solution that allows employers to manage the hiring process from posting through interview directly on Indeed, with no additional software.” 

This new platform, in partnership with Indeed’s sister company Glassdoor, allows employers to automate the process of sourcing, screening, scheduling, and interviewing. The program will even import and organize additional information housed on your own applicant tracking system.

Indeed: The Takeaway

How great is for recruiting?  It depends.

Honestly, the free job listings won’t get you far, simply because there are so many people constantly adding content that your job posts will get buried. 

However, the option to add a business page for free is nice, especially with the chance to upload branded video content.  If you’re coming in with a budget, it could offer a nice return on your investment. 

For one, if you pay for sponsored ads, even for a select time, you have a much greater chance of being seen and matched with qualified people.  Also, if you need help managing applicants, the streamlined offerings of the Indeed Hiring Platform could be valuable.

A More Specific Search

Sites more specific to home care, like, can also yield impressive results. For a yearly fee, your company can gain access to quality resources. 

First, a targeted recruiting pool. While indeed’s audience is undoubtedly larger, 70% of America’s direct care workers are part of myCNAjobs, so you’ll be targeting a friendlier group.  Here, you’ll be able to customize job listings in a way that you can’t on more generic platforms.

For example, in the resume marketplace, you can search for candidates by home care related certifications and specializations, experience, and languages spoken. To personalize your own postings, you can attach caregiver testimonials and short video clips, so that applicants can see further endorsement of your brand. 

The site also allows you to create career fair events, either in person or online, that they can highlight on their site. 

Finally, they partner with established home care companies to offer free informational videos for employers and training for caregivers.

myCNAjobs: The Takeaway

Is this site worth it?  Yes. 

First, recruiting from a receptive audience is always better.  Potential applicants choose to be on this platform because they’re seeking a career in your field. 

Also, since you can refine your search by category, it’s more likely you’ll connect with applicants that will best suit your needs. 

One potential downfall is that they don’t offer a comprehensive hiring platform like indeed, but their site is compatible with commonly used applicant tracking software.  Plus, the free training and certificate programs are straightforward and practical.  They’ll serve as a great resource for you and for your staff beyond the hiring cycle.

The Bottom Line

Investigate job sites before committing one to your marketing plan.  Look at all of the resources each site provides, beyond job posting. 

Know all costs upfront and check your return on investment by tracking which quality hires come from what sources. 

And remember, job sites can be an effective part of your recruitment marketing plan, but they shouldn’t be your entire plan.

If you need help with your recruiting strategy, contact the experts at Home Care Marketing Pros today.

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