Strategic Ways to Reach Caregiver Candidates With PPC Campaigns

How to find them, where to find them, and why PPC can boost your caregiver recruitment and grow your agency

A solid PPC campaign can be perfect for getting the caregiver candidates you need!

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To compete for top caregiver candidates, you have to take a multichannel approach to recruitment marketing. The workforce is spoiled for choice, so not only is recruiting about connecting with job seekers through many channels, but it’s also about using unique channels undiscovered by the competition, especially if you want to fill the top of your recruitment funnel.

We’ll address the basics of PPC marketing, the foundations of a strong PPC campaign, plus where you should expand your reach to find candidates and grow your caregiver talent pool.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay per click, which is a digital marketing format in which the advertiser is charged only when someone clicks on an ad.

You can run PPC campaigns on all kinds of platforms—search engines like Google and Bing (sometimes called paid search or Google ads), display ads on websites, social media, etc. You can also run PPC ads in all formats—search, banner, video, static, dynamic, carousel. Whatever your preferred style, there’s a way to build a PPC campaign that way.

Should recruiters use PPC campaigns?

Absolutely. PPC is a low-risk way to target recruitment marketing campaigns toward caregivers. It’s also an efficient way to A/B test messaging, headlines, body copy, images, ad formats, and ad channels.

PPC can also enhance your SEO strategy. Buying PPC ads on a search engine like Google won’t make your site or pages more likely to rank in the organic search results, but they do give you a presence at the top of the search page above the organic results and they help you claim even more real estate on SERPs (search engine results pages) where your pages already rank.

In fact, your competitors are already using PPC campaigns to attract caregivers. Here are the PPC search ads for the query caregiver jobs boston massachusetts:

PPC ads that appear targeting caregiver candidates when searching for caregiver jobs boston massachusetts.

Using PPC to refine your overall marketing strategy

One of the best things about PPC campaigns is that the data they produce can help you refine and improve not just future PPC campaigns, but also your entire recruitment marketing strategy as a whole.

This type of campaign can produce data that describes the basic demographics of those most likely to click your ads, the messaging that most resonates for your audiences, and even sites where your ideal candidates frequent.

Find caregivers actively looking for new jobs

Paid search campaigns are a great way to attract active job seekers and passive job seekers. These are caregivers searching for things like home caregiver jobs near me and home caregiver job duties.

While many searching these terms are actively looking for jobs, some may simply be testing the waters to see who’s hiring, how much they’re paying, and what kind of jobs are available.

The basics of PPC campaigns for recruiting caregivers

The most popular form of PPC campaign is paid search. That’s when an advertiser (or in this case, an employer) buys a text ad that appears at the top of a search engine results page.

An example of a PPC text ad for caregivers in a search engine.

Any PPC recruitment marketing campaign should include a paid search arm, but there are plenty of other unique places you can expand your campaigns to get in front of ideal caregivers.

Unique ways to reach caregiver candidates with PPC campaigns

Related search terms

As we mentioned, search engines are the obvious place to run pay-per-click campaigns, but choosing just the right keyword is what can give you the competitive edge.

A standard caregiver recruiting campaign would mean bidding on a keyword like caregiver jobs near me. But don’t neglect keywords like entry level jobs near me, where to find a job fast chicago, or how to choose a career.

This is an ideal way to target job seekers that might not have considered caregiving as a career.

Negative-intent search terms

A search term with positive intent is entry level jobs near me; a search term with negative intent is I don’t like my job.

Negative-intent search terms are a great place to find professionals looking for new career paths. Take care with how you wield these campaigns. The goal is not to be opportunistic, but helpful to people looking for a new start.

Social media

This is already a popular avenue for general advertising, but a growing area for recruitment marketing. Social recruiting on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, is especially ideal for engaging with and attracting young caregivers. Supplement your employer social media presence with a well-planned PPC campaign on the same platform.

And if you’re new to social, the data you get from social PPC campaigns can really help you refine your recruitment strategy and your employer branding strategy.

PPC display

Caregiver agencies can reach candidates across websites using PPC display ads. This means you can get your company in front of caregivers on job boards like Indeed, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor and on other sites that indicate they’re looking for a new job, like The Muse and Fast Company.

Depending on the type of PPC program you run, you may also be able to collect data on people who engage with your ads. This means you can feed that data back into your future campaigns to make them stronger, more targeted, and more efficient.

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