The home care industry is getting much better about content and social marketing. Home care businesses are offering better advice for those searching for care. They are also targeting job seekers more effectively, creating more compelling imagery and sharing more consistently.

But a lot of firms still struggle. They don’t have the time (or desire) to consistently produce and share content. They don’t have the tools to simplify the process of social marketing. And with all the new platforms, changes to social media algorithms and advertising opportunities, they’re not sure where to invest time and money to generate the highest returns.

Which is exactly why we are writing this post!

Today, we continue our blog series that walks you through the biggest trends in social…and shows you what you need to be doing to maximize your social marketing and social recruiting ROI.

If you missed the first post in this series, here is the link:

Part 1 – Social Media Lessons from 2016

What Are the Best Ways to Use Social Media for Recruiting in 2017?

With unemployment below 5 percent, finding help is hard. Responses to job posts have fallen dramatically. Web traffic for most firms is down 20 percent or more. And passive job seekers are harder to attract.

So how can you recruit top candidates through social?

1. Share a variety of content and resources.

Your company’s social media channels should not be a place where you incessantly post your available opportunities. Sure you can include your top jobs and available opportunities, but do so strategically. In the strategy of Gary Vaynerchuk, you need to hit your candidates with a jab, jab, jab and then a right hook. Engage them with content and high-level resources. Give them articles, videos or podcasts that will help them find a job. Then, after you’ve given them a series of useful content and information that can benefit their day-to-day, hit them with a right hook — a sale or self-promotion (your available job).

2. Share jobs to get them in front of more people.

When sharing a job, make it attractive!

When posting on Twitter, include relevant Hashtags to help amplify your message and get it in front of people who don’t currently follow your account.

On Facebook and LinkedIn, along with sharing to your company page and personal page, consider sharing your jobs in groups of active job-seekers. Do so by searching for Jobs in

[Your City Here] and then ask to join those groups! Remember from point 1, don’t spam job after job. Provide value to the group, earn their trust, and then share your available opportunity.

3. Attract active and passive job-seekers.

Along with sharing a variety of content and jobs, turn to remarketing to attract active and passive job-seekers. What’s remarketing — or as we call it — Re-Recruiting?

Ever go online to buy a new coat or a pair of shoes, only to leave that site and not purchase the item? Chances are, the next time you ventured onto Facebook, you saw the item you were looking at in the form of an advertisement. That’s remarketing! And we can do that with jobs!

But does re-recruiting work?

We’ve found candidates who return to a website are 2x more likely to apply to a job than a first-time visitor! By using highly targeted, creative advertising, you can drive the right people to your jobs!

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4. Build talent pools.

Having a hard time finding the right candidates? When a new candidate comes into your office, add them to your email database and continue to grow your connections. Additionally, actively search on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for people within your geographic market and connect with them.

And, while it might go without saying, when you do connect with somebody for the first time, be social! You wouldn’t go to a conference, hand someone your business card and walk away! Instead, you would introduce yourself and have a brief conversation. The same should be done on any social platform when connecting with someone for the first time.

5. Become an employer of choice.

How can you differentiate yourself from the home care businesses in your area and the national competitors? By consistently answering questions from candidates, sharing great resources to improve their job search and sharing team pictures and bios, you can become an employer of choice and differentiate yourself from everybody else!

So, how can you leverage social media on the client side of the equation in 2017?

Find out in our next installment.

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