How to Maximize Your Content Marketing for SEO and Social Media

SEO and social media are essentials parts of an effective content marketing strategy. How can you make sure you're using them effectively?

When crafting a content marketing strategy, effective implementation of SEO and Social Media are essential.

Create Content That Solves a Problem for Your Audience

The relationship between social media marketing and SEO has been much debated.  What we do know is that search engines like Google strive to provide helpful solutions for the questions that people are asking online.  Your main goal then is to present your audience with content--blog posts, videos, and infographics--that will help them solve a problem that they have.

Once you have the content, optimize it for search engines so that it’s easier to find.  Then, spread that content far and wide online to show those search engines that your content is indeed effective at solving problems. 

The best way to spread the word? On social media. Check out our tips below to maximize your reach.

Make Your Content Easy To Find: Strategize Keyword Use

Take the time to identify the keywords most frequently searched and most relevant to your home care company.  Then, consistently incorporate those terms in titles, captions, and hashtags throughout your content, whether that content is present on your website or on your social media channels.

Be careful though--you don’t want to haphazardly stuff keywords into all headlines and captions thinking that will help. That’s a turn-off to Google and to sensible readers.

Instead, create titles that use keywords, but in a deliberate, helpful way.  Similarly, be mindful with hashtags.  Overused hashtags, called “shadow banned tags” can decrease the value of your post.

Encourage People to Open Your Links: Create Clickable Titles

Reader interest starts with a great title. People will never share your content if they won’t even open the link, so take the time to create something that will encourage them to click.  Remember that people have short attention spans, so keep titles short, between 8-13 words.   

See what your audience needs help with, and use phrasing in your title that indicates a solution, like “How To..” “ Top Ways to…”  or “5 Reasons Why…”

Add Social Sharing Buttons to All of Your Content

Above all, make it easy for your reader to share your content.  Add social sharing buttons to all content you publish digitally, including blogs, email content, newsletters, and webpages.  Also called plug-ins, buttons allow interested readers to easily disseminate your content to their own social media connections and networks.

Adding buttons to your content allows you to expand your reach and generate new visitors back to your website.  The more traffic to your website the better--increased visits will boost search engine rankings.

Also, don’t forget to include plug-ins on any images, infographics, or videos posted within the content itself. 

Images and videos are often the most viewed aspects of a larger piece, and often, the most frequently shared portion.  Always prep those visuals with buttons so they can be shared just as easily.

Choose Your Buttons Wisely (And Don’t Forget YouTube)

What plug-ins should you add?  It depends on the content.  LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are the most popular social channels in the home care industry overall, so definitely create sharing buttons that will connect to those platforms. 

If you have video content, also consider sharing it on YouTube for additional exposure. YouTube itself is a powerful search engine.  And, by 2022, experts estimate that online video will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. 

Optimize videos just like you do other content. Include targeted keywords in both the video title and your file title, and write your video summary to answer an audience question or need.

Use Social Platforms to Engage with Your Audience

Always remember, your audience is your most valuable commodity. 

Use all of your social channels to communicate directly with them.  If someone has a question or a problem, quickly respond via comment or direct message.  Post a blog on a topic relevant to your reader, and invite responses.  Provide a poll to gauge sentiment on a pertinent topic. 

Encouraging feedback shows your audience you’re receptive to their questions, needs, and interests.  Plus, people are more likely to share content from companies that they like and trust.

SEO and Social Media Experts Can Help

Need some help optimizing your content or putting together a solid social media plan to drive your SEO? We can help.  At Providentia, we know all of the tips and tricks to make your digital marketing plan thrive. Give us a call today, and we’ll craft the perfect strategy to boost your visibility, drive engagement, and ultimately, increase your value.

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