Long-Form Content Ideas to Establish Your Agency as an Expert in Home Care

How to create long-form content and reports to attract new clients and new caregivers

Getting ideas for long-form content for your home care agency doesn't have to be hard.

Long-form content, like downloadable PDFs, resource guides, ebooks, white papers, and research-backed reports can establish your agency as an expert in the field of in-home care to market your home care services and attract both new clients and new caregivers.

You have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise to help take care of your local community and promote the growth of the home care industry.

In this article, we’ll outline ideas for long-form content your agency can create, plus prompts for more content ideas unique to your agency and community.

Should your agency produce long-form content?

Long-form content is written content of 2,000 words or more. On your home care agency website, you might label these as resources.

A short-form blog post might answer the question, what is transitional care? while a long-form guide might answer this question, plus include stats about the benefits of transitional care, a questionnaire on who needs transitional care, and advice on how to pay for transitional care—a comprehensive resource.

Long-form content is a good investment. Adding it to your site can boost your SEO and capture clients and caregivers at the top of your sales and recruitment funnels, respectively.

This kind of content can be repurposed in other formats as well, like podcasts, social media posts, and webinars, for example.

Where to get ideas for long-form content and resources

  • Google search and related searches: SEO research can uncover frequently searched terms you can use to develop long-form content, like how to pay for in-home care services and how to choose an in-home caregiver.
  • Survey existing clients and caregivers: Ask your current clients and caregivers what they want to learn more about and what questions they need answered. For example, you might find that your clients need help getting their aging parents on board with in-home assistance or that your current caregivers want training on new modalities of care.
  • Build guides around your FAQs: You may already have an FAQs section on your website or train your client intake staff on questions they can expect. Use these questions as a jumping-off point for your resources. That way, when you get the question again, you can put them in contact with a human expert and provide supplementary resources.
  • Consider your existing expertise: Does your home health care agency specialize in in-home hospice care or in-home diabetes care? Leverage your in-agency knowledge to provide much-needed resources to your community.
  • Collaborate with local health experts, like health networks, hospice centers, medical schools, and community colleges to conduct surveys and research that can be used to build long-form resources. Yours might be a study about flu prevention, fire safety for those with limited mobility, or the latest advancements in Alzheimer's and memory care.

Resource ideas for potential clients and the community

Who needs in-home care?

Help potential clients at the top of your funnel decide whether the home health care services you offer are right for them.

How to pay for in-home care

The cost of in-home care will be a concern for many potential clients. Be there to help them navigate the financial aspects.

When is it time for in-home care?

This might take the form of a questionnaire or signs to watch out for.

Need-specific care guides

Consider making guides for clients with specific needs, like post-op recovery, memory care, low vision, or companion care.

Local activity guides

Create guides that show clients how they can get out of the house and be involved in their communities, like senior community events, library activities, game clubs, and affinity groups.

Research reports on local health concerns

What are common health problems in your area? Partner with a local medical center or university to conduct a study on how to prevent common health risks.

Resource ideas for potential caregivers

How to become an in-home caregiver

Develop future caregiver talent by showing prospective candidates what it takes to get into the field. This guide might feature the types of skills needed for the job, the training and certifications required (and how to get them), common caregiver duties, schedules, how to climb in the ranks and earn pay raises, earning potential, and why home caregiving is a rewarding occupation.

How to succeed in home care agency interviews

Teach home caregivers what agencies like yours look for in job candidates, how to best present themselves in an interview, and the best questions to ask to find the right agency for them.

How to level-up your home caregiver training

To stay competitive, home caregivers need to keep up with continuing education and regular training to increase their qualifications. Show them where and how.

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