Is Your Agency Up-to-Date with These 6 New Home Care Marketing Trends?

The six digital marketing trends you should embrace to compete and win new clients and qualified caregivers.

As a home care agency owner, are you staying on top of these marketing trends?

Competing with other home care agencies depends on staying up on the current home care marketing trends. Knowing what your competitors are doing, and making a plan to best them, can help you win new business and strengthen your agency’s position in the market.

We hesitate to call these trends, because really, they’re emerging strategies that have a long shelf life.

These are the six new marketing strategies you need to embrace to win new clients and recruit home care professionals to your home care agency.

1. Employer branding

If employer branding isn't a part of your overall marketing strategy, it's time to get started.

Employer branding is branding and marketing efforts designed specifically to attract and retain talent. It includes your reputation as an employer, your company culture, the ways you contribute to the greater good, how you support your employees through compensation, benefits, and policies, and even how you conduct the recruiting and hiring process.

Employer branding matters to recruiting caregivers, of course, but it also matters to potential clients. According to Accenture, 65% of consumers say they’re attracted to companies that treat their employees well, and MarketWatch reports that consumers are willing to pay 22% more for products and services from companies that have a good reputation.

2. Automation

Automating your home care marketing programs saves time and money, and it returns data that you can use to improve your campaigns over time.

The opportunities of marketing automation are many. You can set up and run ad campaigns (including paid search, PPC, and social media campaigns), build and administer email marketing campaigns, score leads and track them through the marketing funnel, and build personalized experiences for potential clients and caregiver candidates—just to name a few.

3. Asking for client reviews

Client reviews of your home care agency matter. A 2022 Brand Rated survey found that 95% of consumers read reviews before buying a product or service.

Online reviews help improve the chances of your home care website appearing in search results too. The SEO experts at Moz say that reviews account for more than 15% of local SEO ranking factors.

When a client is looking for the best care they can find for their loved one, being able to trust that an agency will consistently deliver makes a world of difference.

4. Thought leadership content

Clients want to know that the home caregivers they hire are expert and cutting-edge in their practices, certifications, and safety measures.

You can tell potential clients that you require your home caregivers to have the latest training and up-to-date certifications and licenses—but it’s even better to show them.

Demonstrate your expertise by interviewing your in-home caregivers, company leadership, and industry experts to create all kinds of content, like blogs, social campaigns, video, and more. Organize surveys that uncover trends and needs in the home healthcare world, and author reports that advance the conversation.

This kind of home care marketing builds trust with current and potential clients and positions your home care agency as a leader in the field.

5. Repurposing content across formats and channels

Content is king, as they say. And they’re absolutely right.

Because omnichannel marketing is the standard, high-quality content is one of the richest ways to invest your marketing budget. For any piece of content you create, there are a dozen (or more) ways you can repurpose it for different goals, in new formats, for unique audiences, and on new channels.

For example, if you create video content, which we highly recommend, you can repurpose that video into a blog post, a newsletter series, a webinar, or video ad.

At Home Care Marketing Pros, we adapt our blog content into podcast format as well. Not only does it improve accessibility, it makes it easier for our clients to consume it while multitasking.

6. Investing in video

We’re firm believers in the power of video content, in particular, to power home care marketing and caregiver recruiting. Not only is it ripe for repurposing (see number 4!), it’s one of the most engaging and most widely shared content formats, especially on social media platforms.

Using video in your home care marketing strategy can establish your agency as a thought leader, professionalize your image, move leads through the funnel more quickly, and even improve SEO.

Introducing video into the recruiting process can increase the number of candidates in your talent pipeline, decrease time to hire, polish the candidate experience, and make a lasting impression. Hello, employer branding!

Need help staying up to date with your home care marketing strategy?

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