How to Decrease Candidate No-Shows & Increase Interview Productivity

Interview no-shows cost your agency time and money, candidate automation can keep your caregiver applicants engaged and in the loop

Automation can help improve the productivity of the caregiver interview process.

Interview no-shows are a problem. According to an Indeed survey, as much as 46% of people scheduled for a job interview just don’t show up. This is a problem that can cost your home care agency precious time and money and drag out the hiring process, but it’s also one that can be prevented.

Not all no-shows do so because they’re choosing to ghost you—emergencies happen, transportation fails, kids get sick at school. Here are a few reasons why candidates don’t show up for an interview:

  • They need to reschedule or cancel due to a last-minute conflict or emergency
  • They don’t have a clear channel or means to notify you they can’t make it
  • They don’t feel prepared to discuss the role or they’re feeling anxious about the interview
  • They don’t have access to the right technology to make it to a remote interview
  • They made an honest mistake and either misread the interview date and time or forgot altogether
  • They’ve taken a job at another home care agency or chosen to drop out of the hiring process and failed to notify you

We’ll explore how a candidate automation platform can prevent interview no-shows and increase the productivity of every interview you have.

How to decrease caregiver interview no-shows

Whether you’re conducting interviews in person or remotely, candidate automation can increase the chances that your ideal caregiver candidates make it to the interview. Here’s how:

1. Easy scheduling that integrates with Outlook and Google Calendar

A system that makes scheduling easier for your caregiver candidates. Rather than going back and forth to pick a date and time over email, your platform can let your interviewee quickly and easily select a time slot from a pre-populated list, then automatically add it to their Outlook or Google Calendar with a single click.

2. Help candidates prep for their interviews

Some candidates don’t show up for their interview because they’re just too nervous about the process. Make sure your caregiver candidates feel prepared and confident for the big day.

In the time between scheduling and the actual interview, use your automation platform to prep your interviewees with content about:

  • The format and style of your interviews
  • The tech they will need for a remote interview and tutorials on how to use and troubleshoot it
  • Directions to your offices (don’t forget to include car/bus/metro!) with instructions on parking and how to find the exact location where their recruiter will meet them
  • The kinds of questions and exercises they can expect and the people they will meet
  • Tips for succeeding in your unique interviews
  • How they can contact you with questions or requests for accommodations

3. Send automating interview reminders

Prevent a no-show by reminding your caregiver candidate that it’s approaching. Use your candidate automation platform to trigger text, email, or push reminders of their date, time, and how to prepare. These reminders should include a link to the video meeting or the physical address (and access instructions) where the interview will take place.

These reminders can also make it easy for your applicants to reschedule or cancel the interview if need be.

4. Make it easy to reschedule or cancel interviews

Sometimes things happen—your interviewee has a family emergency or an accident, their transportation or internet connection falls through, or they simply misread the interview date and time. A candidate automation platform can trigger a follow-up to your candidate to check in and see if everything is OK and offer them the option to reschedule.

If your candidates have a quick and easy way to let you know they can’t make the date, you can leave the rescheduling to your platform and move on with recruiting caregivers.

How to increase caregiver interview productivity

Not only can you use candidate automation to decrease interview no-shows, you can also use the same platform and tools to make sure the interview itself is as efficient as possible. Here’s how:

  • Keep qualified caregivers engaged and excited between screening and interviewing by dripping them content about your home care agency, your interview process, and how to prepare. This lets you get straight to role-related questions in the interview.
  • You can engage the candidate with short surveys before the interview to gather more information that can be used to drive the discussion.
  • When all of the technical aspects of a remote interview are automated, it leaves you to worry only about having a successful interview—no tech savvy needed.
  • If your candidate continues to ghost, your automation platform can flag that applicant accordingly and, if need be, disqualify them.

Need help decreasing caregiver interview no-shows and increasing productivity?

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