7 Tips to Increase Your Website Ranking on Google

The first thing those looking for home care are likely to do is Google it, so how can you make sure you're ranking well on those searches?

Making sure your ranking well on Google is vital to attracting more customers.

Did you know that 90% of consumers used the internet to find a local business within the last year? More than ever, people are searching online to locate nearby businesses. It’s no different in the home care industry.

When seeking care for loved ones, most people are looking for local companies that offer top care. If people can’t find your home care company in an online search, that’s a problem. To connect with people searching for your services, structure your website so that your company is easier to find online.

How Google Considers Websites

Google’s mission is to provide people with answers to questions they’re searching for online. Optimizing your website for local searches is a great way to help people in your area to find the home care services they are searching for.

If your website appears to be an authentic source with valuable information, Google will boost your website ranking. Consider the following seven tips to raise your website in local searches.

1. Perform a Local SEO Audit

First, know where you stand on the search engine results page. It’s easy to do a basic audit.

To start, type in “your business name + city” into the Google search engine and see what you can find.

Next, think like a potential client. Search for your company using words and phrases a potential client may use. For example, try “home care companies near me” or “senior care + your regional area.”

Note where your company appears in these searches. Also, see where your competitors appear. Are they ranking higher on Google for particular keywords or phrases than you are?

If you would like a more in-depth audit comparing your website with your top competitors using 100 high-value keywords, contact us today, and we can talk!

2. Review Your NAP

Make sure that your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are correctly displayed on your website.

Remember, one main way that Google recognizes your business as legitimate is through a verified address. Check that your NAP is consistent across all channels, including your Google My Business Account and all of your social media accounts.

A consistent NAP will establish your business as credible and will raise your visibility.

3. Link Google My Business Account to Your Website

Connecting your Google My Business (GMB) Account to your website will allow people to view customer reviews and find your location easily through Google Maps.

Link your GMB account to your website by embedding a Google Map of your GMB listing into your website. Doing this will further boost your website’s authenticity, and will also provide your target audience with information that is valuable to them.

You can also get a short link directly from your GMB account and use that link on your website. This link will bring people to your GMB page directly.

4. Publish Content with a Local Focus

To boost local rankings, publish original content on your site that shows different ways that your business has contributed to your community. The addition of locally focused content helps Google see your website as a valuable resource to people searching in your area and will help boost its ranking.

For example, if your staff participated in a 5K for Alzheimer’s research in your city, write an article about it. Or, if your company sponsored a special training for caregivers, create a short video on the topic to share on your website. Posting information that takes place in your community will help your business stand out in a local search.

5. Optimize Your Website For Voice Search

Consider how a client might use voice search when looking for your company online, and create content on your website that provides the information that they are asking for.

The most popular words used in voice search indicate a question: who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Consider the questions that a potential client might ask about your home care company. Then, create content on your website that provides answers to these anticipated questions.

6. Create a Good User Experience on Mobile

Increasingly, people are conducting searches-especially local searches-on their phones. Make sure that your website is easy to view and interact with on mobile. Check that your site and all content loads quickly.

Additionally, make sure all pictures are to scale, and that the most important information is easy to find with minimal clicking and scrolling. People who can’t find what they need will simply closeout, and most likely won’t return.

7. Play the Long Game: Build Good SEO

To boost your ranking in both general and local Google searches, you need a strong SEO strategy. Moreover, you need to be committed to maintaining that plan over time. Rising in search rankings takes dedicated, calculated effort.

At Home Care Marketing Pros, we know what it takes to create a sustainable SEO strategy that will drive clients and caregivers to your company and ultimately deliver the best return on your digital marketing investment.

Contact us today, and we’ll get started crafting an effective SEO plan that is sure to make your home care company stand out.

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